2014 London Marathon and Me.

Evening Bombers

I have always wanted to run a marathon, but have never got around to it. I'm not getting any younger either and at the succulent age of 25, I thought it should be a good time to get it done. I want to take suggestions from the GB community on anything from training or who I should run for, because why should I run 26 mile for no reason. Lets make money for charity!

So I have a year and a half before the 2014 marathon (I'm not going to even dare attempt to be ready for the 2013 marathon in march) so by then I need to find a charity and get fit along the way. The idea so far is to find a charity then set up and Just Giving page as well as a web page with more info. Plus to anyone who donates £1/$1 can add a song to the playlist I will be running too (I'm going to need four and a half hours of music)

Over the year I expect the plan to change so this is just a rough draft. I'm even open to running it dressed as a gaming character.

So please, throw questions and suggestions at me and lets talk about it, lit by computer screen light.



P.S The Math

26.2 miles = 42.2 Km, an average 4.5 hour time would need me to run at 1 mile every 11 minutes with time to spare.


Guild Wars a few years on, and the question of the week

So Iv been putting off Guild Wars for a while now, but with the release of the second game in the series upon us. I decided to pick it up and have a play till I got bored or I get it finished. So far I am enjoying it but what we happen once I get past level 4 and into level 5 then who knows.  
Anyone have any tips for me? 
Also Iv decided this week to do a QOTW video, only using my camera from my IPod nano. It is not the best, and it probably wont get into the main video on Sunday. So I'm a just leave it at the bottom of this blog post for you to have a look at.  


B.Net updates, Waypoint updates and Flying Squirrel .. updates ?

If you havnt been over to Bungie.net since Monday. You may have missed the update that has happened. All thought your not aloud to see the Reach stats area yet. You can now change your "flair" for Reach and see which you have unlocked. Hears a quick screen shot of mine.  

These are the ones I have unlocked. You can also get a DMR which is for owning Bungie Pro. You can check yours out at  http://www.bungie.net/Account/nameplates.aspx .  Which one would you use? Currently Im using the Spartan Helmet. This may change before launch.  
This afternoon, waypoint got some touching up. You need to redownload the whole client but it dose show off what you can get from waypoint in the way of In game content. Hear is a list, now look at said list.  
Halo: Reach Armor

Military Police: Base
Career Milestone 15
Achievement -  The Soldier We Needed You To Be - Complete Campaign on Normal (Reach)

Military Police: CBRN/HU/RS
Career Milestone 20
Achievement -Pink and Deadly (ODST)
Armor - Military Police Base

Military Police: HU/RS/CNM
Career Milestone 25
Achievement - Fear the Pink Mist (Halo 3)
Achievement -  A spoonful of Blamite - Kill 10 enemies in firefight or campaign with a supercombine explosion (Reach)
Armor - Military Police: CBRN/HU/RS

CQB: Base
Career Milestone 20
Achievement -  Folks Need Heroes - Complete Campaign on Heroic (Reach)

Career Milestone 25
Achievement - Campaign Complete Heroic (ODST)
Armor - CQB: Base

Career Milestone 30
Achievement - Campaign Complete Legendary (Halo 3)
Achievement -  Gods Must Be Strong - Complete Campaign on Legendary(Reach)
Armor - CQB - HU/RS/CNM

Career Milestone 30
Achievement -  Yes Sensei - Earn a first strike in a matchmaking game(Reach)
I check out my Waypoint and Iv got al the achievement's needed so Im all set for reach. Maybe your missing one or two and need to go get them? 
Finally what else can I use to wrap off a blog post than a Flying Squirrel song.  

One Week Remain's

 So its at that time were I am now out of games to play and just counting down the days to when Reach hits store shelves. Its 1:57am as I'm writing this, a week from now I shall be balls deep in Reach.  
But what to do till then? I have 4/5 arcade games I could get 200G on and work on my S rank. I know when I get Reach I wont be playing them and Reach will be another S rank for my list. I also have a few Retail games I could go back into, Halo wars never got as much love as it deserved from me and I also have quite a few steam games I could have a go at.  
What are your plans for the next week? What will keep you going threw the long nights? 
**Also, from now on my blogs are going to end with a photoshopped Staff. Because, I am nice like that.  


Headphone's for gaming, the bane of my life.

I love listening to music, and there is so much choice when it comes to headphones. Do I have some in ear headphones or massive cans, then you go into the whole choice of the power output and crap but I digress.  
When it comes to gaming, the headphone choice is limited and its hard to see why. First off I should explain I own a Xbox360, so before people from other consoles say they have this and that, that's no use but thanks anyway. So I started out 4 years ago with the standard headset that shipped with the Xbox. The life of these things, were not so good though being only able to live for about a month or two before something broke on them. After having two or three get destroyed I turned to the trusty Xbox wireless headset that's got me threw to now but there is two problems with them. For one, they take time to recharge, and when Reach comes out, there's not going to be any time for recharging. Secondly is that my sister now has a off spring, meaning I'm going to have to start wearing headphones when its late. Now, wearing a small wireless headset and also a pair of headphones isn't practical.  
So iv looked for some alternatives, and to be frank, its slim pickings. If your not willing to spend over £100 for a pair of pro gaming headsets, you have a few options. I heard from a friend of a friend who has the same problem that he bought the throat microphone that was advertised with Modern Warfare 2 and uses his own headphones over the in ear earpiece. This sounds quite cheep but its not a bad idea, I'm looking for something a bit more professional though. Then you have the Skullcandy gaming headphones. At basic, there a pair of Lowriders with a microphone attached and to be honest, these seem the best option to me. Iv got three pairs of Lowriders and I love them to bits, so Iv decided to get myself a pair of these.  
They arrive next week, so will post a review and some thoughts when they come.  
Wish me luck, I need all the batman I can get.


Hold RB to Duel wield GiantBomb.com

Using two screens from a PC or a laptop has become second nature to me. It first started when I was playing Supreme Commander and I noticed that on a second screen you could have a world map. This tickled my pickle and it started from there. Now I use my second screen for everything, from being a photoshop extension so I can see a preview or its a handy place to place Chrome, using my laptop screen for MSN and Media player.  
It came to me the other day, why done I use my second screen for watching videos full screen. So I popped open a quick look and placed it full screen, then noticed as soon as I tried to carry on using MSN on my other screen the video would return to the website video. So I set out to find a way to keep video in full screen. After a few minutes I had it working like a charm and though that many other would like to know how. Here my run threw: 

  • First off, download the free  XVI32 hex editor.

  • Once you have it installed, you need to find the file to edit. If your using Firefox or IE, then you will need to find either the 32bit or 64bit ones below. Google Chrome users have there own, found below.     

On win32 open 


On win64 open


or if using Google Chrome (as Chrome now comes with the Flash plugin) open



  • Once you have found the file, make a backup of it just in case you make a mistake or want to change it back at a later date. 

  • Open the file using the HEX editor, and then press Ctrl+f to open the Find window. 

  • You need to search for  74 39 83 E8 07 74 11 83 E8 05 75 13 8B , the 74's and 75's will always be in there places, so if that sting doesn't work then use wild cards in-between them instead of the numbers. 

  • Once you find this sting of numbers, your job is to change the first two numbers to 90. In my case its 74, 39 but your second number could be different. 

  • Now before trying to save, shut all browsing windows or anything using Flash, if you save before then you will encounter a sharing error. Once this is done you can save the file, make sure you have a back up safe. 
  • Once saved, close the HEX editor and reopen your Browser, then try running a website video full size on a second screen!!

Thanks to 
 http://lifehacker.com/5560912/keep-flash-101-in-full-screen-on-a-second-monitor for the tips! 

Halo Leak's and me

In 2001, I first stepped into the shell that is Master Chief and played my first FPS. I remember learning how to take down shields and finish with headshots, instead of just rallying off bullets into a Elite until it falls over. Fast forward nine years, and I'm still as mad for Halo as I was when I first set foot on the ring world.  This time though, theres a problem.  
 Its 21 days till Halo:Reach hits the shelf's of your favourite gaming store, but yet hackers/modders/knob jockey's(Delete appropriate) have managed to extract the game from Microsoft's servers and its now being circulated around torrent sites, videos have started to appear and there's one that has caught my eye. Its a full campaign video that is hosted on a streaming site, it plays threw the entire game and its starting to eat my soul.   

  The "leeks" are taking over!!  
Iv been thinking why it bothers me so much that they have it or more who to blame for it being out in the wild. Do you blame Microsoft, there keeping it on secure servers and using there system were they can send out a redeem code to a reviewer and get the game this way. That saves having Disk's flying around, or having people travel to the campus or a hotel(even though that is what Jeff's doing this week) to play it for a few days. What do they do when someone breaks there system, should they release it for download via marketplace so less people get it as a copy and more people can play it without any worries of seeing any leeks.  
Who ever is to blame, I know that every evening that I come to sit down at my laptop I'm going to have to be careful what I click and where I look. I don't want to be having to do this for another 21 days, so the video may get the better of me. 

Halo Desktops - Fresh paint

HBO just pointed out that there's a new website created just to supply Halo based wallpapers for many devices. While this seems  a fairly simple idea, its weird that no one has come forth and done this already. I have had a look threw and already picked one for my Giant Bomb profile which is up now, 
as well as a few for my Desktop background. The pickings are slim at the moment, and it seems to be Halo 3 / Reach orientated but I am sure this site will take off.   
If your wanting to take a look, or are in need of a fresh lick of paint/halo on your device, id suggest you check it out.  

 My new GiantBomb Background.

Watch Bungie.net from 7pm PST Thursday

Tomorrow beings the media onslaught and titbits to be reviled at Comic-con. Posted on Bungie's twitter earlier today was this bit on news.  

Anybody going to Comic-con tomorrow? Enjoy your time there and make sure to check out the Bungie booth. 

Sword Base.... What a dumb ass name...


Its Friday (When I'm writing this, for you it could be Saturday. Cant hack staying up?) and Bungie has rolled out a update bigger than the solo career Enrique Iglesias's mole had.  Packed full of all the maps you you will be treading on come May 3rd in the Halo: Reach beta.


"The map formerly known as Settlement is set amidst one of Reach’s more desolate regions. Look up and you’ll catch a glorious glimpse of some majestically mountainous outcroppings. Across the way – jagged, primordial spires emblematic of this region’s rugged terrain. Peer down and you’ll see the rerouted river spilling into the canyon below."

Go on, enjoy the beauty that will be one of two main " all around" maps to come with the beta. With lashings of weapons and death laid about everywhere. Expect Slayer, head hunter and other Halo standard game types to be played on Powerhouse. As you can see from the screen shots, there's quite a few ways to get around. Sprint for the starting advantage and weapons? Take a running jump and blast off into the sky in a attempt to call out the opposite team and get around the back? If it was so easy...

"It’s a base…for Longswords, right? Nah, not exactly, but you’ll definitely wanna do some flying once you get inside. The atrium you’ll be fighting over is five, maybe six layers deep. Depends on whether or not you count the upper air vent (if you happen to have the Sniper Rifle in your hot little hands, you probably will)."

If Boarding action from Halo 1 was your "on nom sauce", then this would be the burger to put that sauce on. Like boarding action, looking up is only part of the job, take to the sky boy! Its that or a long walk up the many inner ramps and short cuts. Also that lift in the middle looks really handy, why not take a hop on board for a quick lift to the top. just don't get caught out though, you could enjoy a face smacking Sniper shot from the top air vent.

But don't worry, young one. If you cant kill me there's all the defenseless and pointless computers and windows ready to be smashed throughout the level. Mind you, this could all be a trick to get you to go there, what you going to do now?

"We’re gonna stay pretty tight-lipped on the Overlook front and let the pair of images below do the talking this week. There are some really interesting wrinkles in the way you’ll acquire weapons in this space, but all those intricate details bleed over into the game type you’ll be playing on Overlook in the Beta. We’ll get to all the ooey-gooey Generator Defense stuff soon enough. All in due time."   
 Seriously, that's all that Bungie is going to say on this map for this week. Hear have a second screen shot as filler. 
       Yes were missing one map, Boneyard is the name of this missing piece but why? Seems that your going to have to wait for Bungie to talk about Invasion before they crack open this map. I suggest coming back next week and taking a peek with us. That's all folks, take it easy this weekend and crack on some Halo 2 when you have the time or any of your favorite original Xbox live games, They all get shut down after April 14th.  Make sure you get in a few games, as it will give you something extra to look forward to when Reach ships this fall. One last thing that I picked up on, taken strait from the Bungie update. "We’ll likely dig into the nuance of each one sometime later on so you can get a better idea of how you might make the most of ‘em. Like maybe next week or later “later.”" Check Bungie over your weekend, I wouldn't be so surprised to see a tasty Vidoc on there.