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I beat Diablo on my monk in a group well before the attack speed nerf, however long ago that all was. The group was Barb, Demon Hunter, Monk. I had already burned out on the game at that point really so after that I was done and I haven't really played the game since aside from logging in once after the attack speed nerf to see my dps halved and sigh.

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Where are the heavy drops?

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Dubstep ripped out and ate dance music's heart.

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@TheIronYuppie said:

Just the emails and he nude photos attached to them.

I never have/do clean out my gmail box and had a girlfriend who went through my box and found pictures my previous ex had sent me of her giving me head. She found them on a night I was out drinking with my friends and drank entirely too much and stayed at my friend's place and had my cell phone die. Between the hangover and the drama, that next day when I went home was not a fun day.

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Honestly, I'm sure there are little mementos around from most of the girls I've dated. I'm not a hoarder at all, but there are always so many little things that get acquired when you're dating someone that they tend to lie around somewhere forgotten to be found randomly. I have a really keen memory so I can probably think back and remember every girl I've ever dated, so it applies a lot of context when I stumble upon random concert tickets, movie tickets, bar/nightclub wristbands, etc. Usually I throw them out.

As far as serious girlfriends go, I've only had two serious (long term and committed) relationships. From the first one I still have a bottle of cologne she bought me which I actually still wear, I had to ironically wrack my brain a bit to remember how long I've had it now and when she bought it for me- I think I've had it for about three years now, I'm sure there are more random bits around other than that but that's the most salient one.

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@KaosAngel said:

Time for the Disney

I went to high school with that girl, strange to see her pop up.

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iOS, I've used it for a couple years now and I have 0 complaints.

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Starcraft, mostly used map settings maps so many random awesome maps that were coming out in that scene; it was actually my first experience with "programming" using the Starcraft map editor. I remember spending a lot of time with "triggers" and creating my own unique systems, I was pretty proud of it at the time.

I also played a lot of AoS, which became DoTA in W3 which I also played a lot of and I still play a lot of today (LoL anyway).

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I remember when the first trailers came out for Deadspace where devs were talking up the dismemberment mechanics and it caught my attention just in that they were doing something different, but I actually wasn't very interested in the franchise until I saw that Ben Templesmith was doing a tie in comic for the game and then I got really interested because I think his art style is incredible. So I got the comic and the game, and watched the movie and I enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed the second Deadspace just as much as the first. I really enjoy the fiction, the atmosphere, the cinematic quality of the games, and the characters.

I think what really tied into my enjoyment of the game was that I've never played them on anything less than the hardest setting they let you roll with right off the bat; the lowering of the bar when it comes to the normal difficulty level in games obviously affects all games in terms of enjoyment, but really hits survival horror genre games hard. If I'm playing a survival horror game I fully expect that I should die in at most 3 hits, if not there's no fear of death and it completely removes you from the atmosphere and narrative the game is trying to create. This is a dangerous place, you shouldn't be able to bumble around and shrug off enemies.

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I don't think it really matters what you play anymore. I played WoW vanilla when the game first came out and raided hardcore up until right before BC release, didn't touch the game again at all until cata and jumped right in on a completely different class I leveled up from 70 or something and didn't miss a step.

WoW is pretty simplified, and never has been that complex. Even with all the changes and expansions and everything, every class still plays the same way as vanilla for the most part and it's incredibly easy to jump into and play and do fine with hardly any clue as to what you're even doing.

That said, I played Cata and Pvped for a bit then dropped the game again, there just isn't much draw to the game for me anymore.

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