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Man, what does it mean to be a "best-selling author" these days?

P.S: I really want to grab ground zeros, but i'm hoping to get it packaged with Phantom Pain and play them together. Hopefully they announce a bundle in the new year.

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"What a wierdo."

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Great idea, but why is he not riding a horse?!

...A kart-shaped horse.

You know you'd like it.

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@csl316: I'm with you on Starcraft...I still haven't managed to get through Heart of the Swarm. The general dialogue and plot of the Starcraft 2 series is just so far below what I remember from Broodwar. There was alot less "You are the one that could save us all, here are 3 plotlines to set your heroic moment up" and more "here is a diverse cast of characters that all have their own agendas and intertwine seamlessly into a single plot arc" in the older games.

I'd go for Ghost. If only to see a sick, HD hydralisk charging at me. Occulus support would be a nice bonus.

I wonder if Blizzard's just shoveling out the last expansion so they can work on their Moba and sell more hearthstone cards...

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Does 999 count?

Just replayed it recently, and it occurred to me that I know literally 3 people that I could have a conversation with about it. (And one of them is a little too busy running a bunch of content for this website to talk to me about it!) As a guy who generally has troubles getting into games from Japan, the game captured me in a way that very few do, and I've been trying similar games in 999's genre to try and branch out...and it's not working out the same way

VLR is damn good too, but it had a little too much fan service and now they've trapped themselves into a franchise that may never get completed...

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Sorry if it's been said already, but Zero Escape 3.

Considering that Virtue's Last Reward ends with a HUGE cliffhanger, it breaks my heart to see all these talks about the 3rd game not coming out. I'm not actually sure if it's confirmed to be canceled, and my info may be old, but man it's looking grim.