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@Brodehouse said:

Where do you think you're at? Hangin round my pitch If you're new around here girl you got a lot to learn Listen you old bat Crazy bloody witch Least I give my customers some pleasure in return I know what you give Give em all the pox Spread around your poison til they end up in a box Leave the poor old cow Move it Madeleine She used to be no better til the clap got to her brain Fucking A. I'm punching in the code now.

Dude. There needs to be a minigame where you play as Fantine, trying to spread the pox to as many johns as possible.

My ultimate goal is to make this game like a really fucked up version of Warioware.

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@RedCream: You just did. This thread is now the official PROJECT MISERABLE Greenlight/Kickstarter/Whatever thread

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I think it was probably Lensman. It's really the only one that fits, from your description. If it weren't for the Raiden-like suits, I would say it was the last episode of Gunbuster, but they never aired that on the Sci-Fi Channel.

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Thinking about it, this game could kick ass.

There would be sections where you play as Javert...those would be similar to LA Noire's crime scene investigation portions. There would be stealth portions, playing as Jean ValJean. Floor-cleaning minigame as Cossette? Yes please. There would be an action sequence set during the Summer Rebellion....it would play like Assassin's Creed.

There would also be an unlockable Insane mode, where you have to sing the songs while playing the game.

Holy shit, who wants to start a dev team?

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I love the thought that people with one post are somehow to be taken less seriously than an "established" board member.

To me, this is like thinking that prior to making an account on this site in particular, you are not a person, you are either a mewling infant who is unable to form rational thought, or possibly a shrieking subhuman wretch who flings their shit at passers-by. Your first post is like birth! As you post more and more messages, somehow, magically, the thoughts from other posters flow into you. That shit is like thought-osmosis! Your posts rapidly become more cogent to other board members, and one day, as you spout board-specific memes and harass members who have less posts than yourself, you realize that goddamn, I am just a part of yet another retarded circle-jerk culture.


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@ShaggE: You're right, dude. On the other side of the coin, since there are several other people saying "let's not talk about it, enough has been said", you are obviously all alts of someone who is preaching the Sarkeesian agenda. Just because your accounts have been open longer doesn't mean that they can't be alts.