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The here's what you missed segment on Twilight is still one of my favorite videos. I wish I had saved it.

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I really want this to be some sick joke...RIP Ryan. You've given us all a lot of joy.

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Done and done.

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I recently started getting help for my social anxiety, so I know at least in part what you're going through. As others have said, get some people in your life you can talk to about it. Having friends to help me through this stuff has been invaluable. Stay strong man, it will get better!

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@nintendoeats: In that case I would go ahead and talk to your teach again ask him to remove the classmate from your group. Which kinda sucks.

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Tell your teacher about the situation and see what he has to say about it. Regardless of whether or not your classmate deserves to pass the class, you certainly can not let his laziness hurt your grade.

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Best of luck to you. Can't say I can relate to much of your situation beyond the loneliness, but I hope things continue to get better for you and your mom.

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We're live with Borderlands 2! Come say hi!

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Yeah, I suck at naming things.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I'm going to be doing my charity livestream tomorrow instead of next week with everyone else. So...I win I guess? Anyway, I'm going to be live streaming the entire 24 hours at www.twitch.tv/tgwaltney starting Tomorrow at 9 AM EST, and I'm looking to raise $240. My donations page is at extra-life.org/participant/tgwaltney.

List of games that will probably be played:

Borderlands 2

Torchlight 2

Couter Strike: Global Offensive

Metro 2033


Team Fortress 2

Guild Wars 2

League of Legends

Starcraft 2

Descent 2

Dark Souls

Mass Effect 3

Dead Space 2

Battlefield 3

and others I haven't though of.

I had a fantastic time with this last year, and I hope to raise even this year. Thanks for reading, and please tune in if you get the chance! It's always encouraging to interact with you fine duders.


WHO: Me.

WHAT: Games!

WHEN: Saturday the 13th at 9:00 AM EST to Sunday the 14th at 9:00 AM EST

WHERE: www.twitch.tv/tgwaltney

WHY: To raise money for the Duke Children's Hospital.

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Laverna Mekys

A little old now, but I like the screenshot.