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Now that we've all gotten some time to get used to the tweaks to stats and the new level scaling, how have you found that it effects the way your characters play. Is min/maxing certain stats the only way to go when it comes to PvP, or is it possible to still be lethal with a more balanced build.

I'm about halfway through my first play through, and with a pretty balanced melee build that leans toward strength I've had little trouble in PvE, but I'm afraid if I start doing more PvP that my stats are woefully misallocated.

I doubt there's a definitive answer yet, which is why I want to know your experiences with how you've been building and how well prepared you've been.

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My Bastard Sword +7 has been awesome thus far (at the Iron Keep). I also have an upgraded Large Club for heavily armored guys and a Chariot Lance +1 that's worked well for situations where it is better to stand your ground than to strafe.

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@viciousbearmauling: As a not terribly skilled but persistent player that just spent three hours worth of time on these guys, here's what I found.

1) A shield is a must. They hit hard with physical attacks, but with a good shield you should be able to absorb several hits and still have enough stamina left for a swing.

2) Blunt weapons do much better. I was rolling with a +5 Bastard Sword for every boss up until this, but switching to a +1 Great Club (I think that's the name) did a considerable bit more damage per hit.

3) Focus on single hits. This is why you want a heavy hitting blunt weapon, because you want to do as much damage as you can on single swings. The key to this fight is recognizing when you have enough time to strike and get your shield back up before another gargoyle attacks.

4) Circle strafe and let them come to you. If you get too close to the group, you are liable either to trigger their lightning attack or for one of the jumping attacks to land behind you. When they start breathing fire at around 3/4 health you definitely want to be out of range, as it's unlikely you have a shield with both excellent physical and fire resistance. They key is to bide your time and wait for one to come forward, finish its attack, and get a quick strike in before another reaches you.

It can be frustrating, but this is an endurance match. Even I got greedy and tried to finish low-health gargoyles off with a second hit, and this usually backfired. Good luck!

Edit: I wish I'd had a reliable source of Titanite to level up a blunt weapon more, or to experiment with a faster, lighter blunt weapon. Curious to hear what worked for others.

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Just got it! I'm 5455-9569-2105

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Dear diary,

The ass was fat.



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Nothing crazy or epic, but a nice moment for me. When I first got free control of Franklin after his introduction, I found a bike and rode it down in the runoff drains (the sloping concrete walls, whatever you want to call them). I loved how it was exactly what I did in SA, and it felt just as exhilarating.

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@StarvingGamer said:

I also currently have the distinction of being #1 on PSN for the Giant Bomb song.

I don't think so, Tim. That distinction now belongs to me.

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I'm #2 on "Found Me the Bomb" altogether, and #1 on the PS3.

With the game... 18th on "Give It Away."

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PSN: Ragnarok7038

Mostly metal in my collection, and a decent amount of classic rock.

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@Epidehl: Attempted and completed. Thanks, duder!