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And now the crazy slow leveling to make Thorn useful begins...

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Hey duders!

Lvl 29 Hunter looking to do the raid late tonight, so send me an invite. Psn: WizardsVengeance

I've only done the normal raid once after I was randomly added in the tower, so I am by no means an expert but at least I know the basic flow. I just got a mic yesterday, so I've been wanting to test it out.

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Crota's End is the raid, the expansion is called The Dark Below. Also, super disappointed by the amount of content for $20.

Edit: Also, new raid won't come day one with DLC, but will be released later.

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@voysa_reezun: Neither of those definitions really describe someone who believes in equal pay for women. I'm sure many (most?) humanists do believe in equal pay but that isn't what makes them humanists.

I know it sucks having to admit you stuck your foot in your mouth in such a spectacular fashion, but this is the time to admit you were wrong and move on, not dig your hole even deeper.

No he's right. Take an intro course to philosophy, humanism is a thing that already has a meaning.




I don't need an intro course to philosophy to be able to google the definition of humanism.

1. any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests,values, and dignity predominate.

A mode of thought centered on human values, interests and dignity. Equal pay for equal work definitely falls under either of those categories. Is feminism a more special case? Yes. But that is exactly the distinction the original poster wanted to make. Why is this discussion going in circles? Oh yeah, because we're online discussing feminism.

FFS, the word you're looking for is egalitarianism, not humanism. Humanism is centered on promoting human values and opposing things that dehumanize individuals, not things that don't promote equality. You literally gave the definition and then disregarded exactly what it said.

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My main takeaway at this point is this: I've never paid attention to sites like Kotaku and Polygon, and will continue to not do so. I don't think Anita Sarkeesian is a very good academic, but if her doing her thing gets more critical discourse going about games, I'm all for it. As for everything else, corruption et al., gaming press and to a large extent reviews are useless. If you are buying games day one and end up disappointed, that's your fault. Treat it like any other product, do your research, and keep gaming. The end.

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@excast If that's what you really feel then make note of that and avoid bits written by that person in the future. Or, if something really bothers you, make a comment about it, but don't default to linking it to the undercurrent you sense. Try to engage it on its merits and faults.

It's easy to categorize the world in terms of cabals, conspiracies and mass agendas, but it's disingenuous and ultimately will only hurt your own habits, as a consumer and as a human being. Engage peoples' critique with your own thoughts and come to your own conclusions.

This is the most healthy, sensible way to approach this. I think what's become difficult about this lately from both the GG and anti-GG side is the need to adopt the "with us or against us" mentality that tends to quash this kind of approach. If you try to write a reasoned response against a social critique you disagree with, you are usually met with either a brick wall of censorship or an explanation of why you're misogynist, even if you don't realize it.

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While I think anything that crossed a reviewers mind is fair game for a review, I think there is a fine line between reviewing the game that you are given and holding it to standards that you have outside of the game.

For example: Say the game I am reviewing has poorly written female characters. It is a qualitative assessment to discuss and evaluate the shortcomings and development of the roles and characterizations of these characters as part of the game. Let's say I walk away from a game feeling like there should have been a strong female character included, but I felt there were none. Now, this might warrant a sentence or two mentioning that those seeking a strong female character should look elsewhere, but to dock a game points based on something I feel should have been in the game is a step too far. That goes beyond assessing the product as presented and instead is assessing its place within a larger social construct.

I absolutely think that we need more strong, well written female characters, but it is a slippery slope if we start faulting games because they don't fit into that narrative. It's the same reaction to when Dan was hired at Giant Bomb. If you start to look at every action that's not actively trying to promote diversity as against diversity, you're going to have a bad time. Similarly, if you were planning to play Bayonetta 2 and you were hoping her to not be sexualized, I don't know what you were expecting.

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Chrome, but I tried opening up the Mario Party stream in Firefox and wasn't having any luck there either, although I may need to update plugins there after disuse.

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This has been going on for a couple of weeks for me. Whenever a video is live (and I can see the chat going, so I know stuff is happening) a video never loads on the player. I can hit pause and play again, I can go full screen, but if I hover of the settings widget on the player I get a red circle with a line through it. Any idea what's preventing a connection to the stream?

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My Jeff kept asking to hook up with Yukiko. Of course I wanted to see him end up with Chie, so I refused his request. Finally, after a third pleading, I just said, "Sure dude, go for it." He was promptly rejected. Jeff was inconsolable for the next two days. You could find him weeping on the floor of his room. I bought him a new red track suit, but it didn't cheer him up. Only after a heaping plate of nacho was he able to get over the damage that Yukiko had done. I love this game.