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Six since it's been burned into my head as the normal party number. Thanks FFXI.

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They'll come back. They always come back. Except the ones that don't.

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Bronstring Marek Bronstring!

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60 FPS (at minimum). I'll turn down every setting in my game to make sure that sucker runs at a least a constant 60 fps. I wish console games allowed for this.

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@Doctorchimp said:

FFXII is one of the better final fantasies hands-down, like in the top 3 good.

That's not an unpopular opinion, that's just a fact that the unwashed masses are unwilling to fathom.

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@NipCrip66 said:

Well Eurogamer haven't helped themselves much by just posting a review of Daytona USA and giving it 9 out of 10. So, in their world, that is a better gaming experience than Uncharted 3.

I like scores on most review sites but that is one that needs to lose them.

Why would you compare the score of a racing game to an action adventure game?

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Skyrim, I could probably coast through the rest of this gen on that game alone.

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Actually I did look at my health as a project a few years back. I dropped from 240 lbs to 180 lbs in six months or so and have been in the best shape of my life. I pretty much pictured myself grinding like one would do in an MMO (I used to be real into FFXI, so doing repetitive boring shit several hours a day is right up my alley) while working out, jogging, or min/maxing when choosing the right foods to eat and my fitness schedule, as nerdy as that sounds. Looking at the way I handle a lot of things in my life, I do treat a lot of my issues and goals as "challenges" the same way I would in a game. It helps me get a better focus on the situation.

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@afrofools said:

@devilgunman said:

My phone is for checking email, browsing the internet, listening to the music and, well, making a phone call and with all of that my phone can barely make it to the end of the day. I leave gaming for a dedicate gaming device. And don't forget that Vita might have cheap, disposable apps like Androids and ios do so casual user should be able to enjoy killing their time on Vita too.

Well a-holes look down on you if you're an adult and they find out you play games. They don't care as much if you do it on your phone though, probably because they're guilty of playing games(!). But yeah, gaming usually sucks on non-dedicated devices, the only game that worked okay for me with touch controls is Ilomilo, and that would be better with actual buttons (except the pinch zoom control was cool). It really depends on the phone in terms of battery life. When I had a low-end Android phone that almost nobody else bought it was a POS for gaming and phone tasks (except emulation - ironically - until Google pulled the app from the app store). Now I have a Windows Phone and the battery lasts ages with WiFi left on, every game is guaranteed to work, and the phone stuff is good. But there's still no damn buttons.

It's funny you say a-holes look down on gamers for using a dedicated portable gaming device. Sad how so many gamers look down on the ones who can derive fun from smartphone games. I'd figure that coming from an industry that has been kicked in the ribs by the masses for going on 3 decades now, gamers would be a little more open to other gamers' tastes and perspective.

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Just skin batman onto Adam Jensen and do a no-kill run.