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My girlfriend really digs Munchkin, but we're trying to find a good game that we can play that's still fun with two players.  Munchkin really loses its luster when it's just two people.  Any thoughts from you skelegore (or anyone else here)?
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Atari 2600 and NES for myself.

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Here's my two word review: Supa Gangsta

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Absolutely fantastic work.  I can't even imagine the amount of man-hours that went into this.

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Makes sense if you can gift dollar amounts rather than specific games.

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Definitely did this a lot in elementary school.  A few times in middle school as well.  I had strep throat frequently enough, that I could play the sore throat card and get to stay home and play games.

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What posters/art are nearest your computer/work station at the moment?  
I've got a poster of the TMNT comic cover that's on the collection of issues 50-62 that resembles their pose from issue 1, and a couple of band posters for The Matches and Punchline.

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Haha, touché on Crackdown 2!  That's exactly what I described, isn't it?  In any case, I think it'd be sweet to see what Halo could do along those lines as well.
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Now that Bungie has signed their 10-year deal with Activision, what sort of a game do you want to see come from them?  Another first-person-shooter, or something completely different? 
I think it'd be cool to see what they could do with a different genre.  Maybe not as extreme as switching to a dating sim, but something along the lines of 3rd person action sandbox game placed in a futuristic setting.  Something like Just Cause 2, but with four player co-op, deathmatch and all the multiplayer in the mix as well.
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