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Shadow of the Ninja: http://www.giantbomb.com/shadow-of-the-ninja/3030-1768/

Add alias: Blue Shadow

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I found a bug with the API while I was going through this URL: http://www.giantbomb.com/api/game/3030-44801/?api_key=YOUR_KEY

And at developers, you will find the api_detail_url, http://www.giantbomb.com/api/developer/3010-9462/

However, that developer url (http://www.giantbomb.com/api/developer/3010-9462/?api_key=YOUR_KEY) returns "Error in URL Format", and "developer" doesn't exist in the documentation.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I have been getting information from other people about sites I have never heard of that are similar but not the same. Like Flickchart and Favslist. And I agree that the rating process might feel slow when you are starting fresh and have over hundred games to fill up. And I'm happy in getting ideas how to make it better.

I like the idea of an option to be able to rank a game from the search results. Will think more about that!

Hmm... After you have ranked a game on its page, maybe show a couple of other games that other people have ranked close to the game you just ranked? Will think more about this as well and see how it turns out!

Again, thanks for the feedback!

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I have been working on my project, Rank: The Game (http://rankthegame.net), for quite a while and just recently released an updated and better version. And I'm looking for feedback!

So, what can you do on this site?

  • You can search for a game and then rank it (NOT rate!) and thus creating your own ranking list (again, NOT rating)
    • You can alter this list at anytime. If you one day feel that Super Mario Bros. is the best game ever made, you can easily alter the ranking for it on your own list.
  • Based on your ranking list so can the site match you to similar users and show you a list of games you probably would like. Helping out finding what game to play next! I call this feature Game Hint.
  • Your ranking list contributes to the all-time ranking list of games on the site, which is updated hourly.
  • If you are bored you can try out the Game Duel which picks two games next to each other from your ranking list, and you have to pick the winner. This might change the order of your games on the ranking list if your winner pick is currently lower ranked then the other game in the duel.
  • You can create a wishlist, that also works with the Game Hint.
  • You can view the all-time ranking list of games with different settings. Maybe interested how it looks like with only people at a certain age? From a specific country? Male/Female?
  • Once logged in so can you choose if you want your list to be public (anyone can see it), friends (the ones with the URL can see it), and private (only you can see it)

Yes - the site uses Facebook, and no - the site doesn't post anything to your wall.

I'm looking for feedback, so I would be more then happy if you could click around the site for a couple of minutes and write what you think works and what not works. Thank you.

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Mega Man: Wily Wars should be renamed to Mega Man: The Wily Wars, because that's what it says on all images of the game.



Add NHL Hockey '94 as an alias, since that's the Genesis/Mega Drive title of the game.



Add Strider II as an alias, since that's the Genesis/Mega Drive title of the game in EU.



Add Lotus II as an alias, since that's the Genesis/Mega Drive title.



Add Probotector as an alias, since that's the EU/PAL title.


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