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I love booker t shilling his book all the time

also anyone else getting red flashes in the player until refresh?

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It's the version without Naturebox ads?

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R.I.P. Giant Bomb I hardly knew ye

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OK the question is: how is EA going to spin this so that they can blame pirates.

If the brokenness continues it's going to be sweet to see.

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If you scroll all the way down on the product listing it says:


• 110V-240V oder 240V-100V-Konvertierung

So it should be a-ok

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There's always emulation, I know it's a gray area but as long as you have the original game it shouldn't be problem.

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I don't want to alarm you, but you might have already fried the PS2 by putting it in 230V.

Also that converter should defiantly do the trick as long as it converts 230V to 100V (not 120V like in american plugs)

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Now I'm worried