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@mike_the_xray In addition to the places the other duders have mentioned, check out indiehaven.com/ <-- the editors there are super friendly.

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Oh boy, regretting buying it early now...well I think I should be able to get by at min specs I suppose.

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@some1else: I've had a white for a few months now and it was second hand. I take absolutely no care of it at all (I'm a terrible person) but it's basically just as white as ever. I don't think you need to worry.

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exactly this.

I'm interested in seeing how it ends up, and I will buy it because I am a sucker, but I can't get myself to be super hyped about another Bioware game.

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I just recently started working as a social media researcher; fell into the job by accident but am really enjoying it. Finally a job where my farting around on the internet has resulted in "valuable experience."

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Persona Q isn't far off release is it? A month or so away.

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I'd be super ok if instead of an endurance run where they do daily videos, they just did a MG Scanlon type deal where they played a chunk of a game once a week or whenever they could fit it in. The thing I liked about the ER was them going through an entire game, I don't desperately need it to be super regular. Especially now that the site generally puts out more content in a week than I have time to watch anyway, daily videos would just add to a backlog.

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I'd like them to do more iOS quick looks, there are a tonne of games on there I'd love to see them play.

@spyder335 I think most f2p games would be quite dull videos, given the timers involved.

Maybe a very complicated edited video where one duder learns how to play a song on Guitar Hero on the hardest difficulty, whilst another duder learns the same song on an actual guitar. See which one is harder / more frustrating to do in the space of a week.

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Listening to an old bombcast because I've listened to this week's already and have run out of other podcasts. It's from PAX 2009. It's great hearing Ryan's voice again, took a long time before I could do that without getting emotional.

Also great hearing just how much they talk about MAG, because they're in the past and have no idea that it basically disappeared after release.

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I suck at this game, have only just scraped through the Virus stage on normal but can't do any better than that. Any tips/strategies for the best way to approach this damn game would be appreciated.