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There are tickets still available for Wild Rumpus so you should definitely come if you can! Also, tomorrow night if people want something to do after EGX then they should go to Loading Bar for a Turbo City night, which'll have great music from folk like Scratch Bros. Turbo City Facebook event

I'll be at both events so gimme a shout if you see me, yelling because I'm losing a multiplayer game of some sort.

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Kanye West.

*edit* and developed by Volition, or if they aren't available then Avalanche Studios.

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Sorry for your loss Jeff, my condolences. We're all here for you x

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Normally with services if you've paid for a month, even if you cancel after a week you're still a member for that month. No idea if EA Access does it differently, but there's also no reason for them to do it differently.

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I can't remember where but I'm pretty sure the guys were recently talking about bringing back GB:Unplugged - one of the recent bombcasts maybe? I don't think they had Pathfinder in mind though.

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I stopped playing PS3 Destiny a little while ago but wanted to give a shoutout to the GB duder that let me tag along on his fireteam last week. Sorry I sucked, thanks for doing everything! (also sorry I don't remember your name, I think it started with an N maybe?)

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Researching homework on the internet around 1995 I think, probably ended up printing out really low qual photos of giraffes for a report on Kenya's safari parks.

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@grillbar: I have an iPad mini so I've always had a foot in both app ecosystems, and it's a bit annoying that the Google app store still struggles to get games quite often. So it'll be easy enough to transition over to the iPhone.

There are things I'll miss about the Android, but now that it *seems* that the iPhone will match the most important things, it's probably easier for me to have an iPhone and an iPad than an Android phone and an iPad in terms of ease of use.

Important stuff to me includes using Swiftkey keyboard, tethering (the iPad is wifi only) and a battery life that lasts more than 2/3 of the day.

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Thanks for the answers, the 6+ is way too big for my needs. I agree with you @corruptedevil, I initially moved to Android for the more open platform to mess around with but at this point the iPhone does basically the things I want I think - using different browsers, keyboards and so on.

Think I'll go for the 5s if the only big difference is the processor, the price is more reasonable.