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@klei: I did it when boarding another boat last night, seemed fine.

*edit* actually, I definitely shot twice but was aiming at someone off camera so can't be 100% that's what killed them and not one of my pirates killing them.

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once you successfully counter you can go on to chain that into multiple kills, using whichever weapons you have equipped, so if you have the guns on y/triangle that'll be part of your chain kill.

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@skurk: how far into the game do you start to have a fleet? I've played a lot of the game but mainly side stuff, I should probably do more main missions to start opening the game up more.

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PSN ID - rahulricky

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I was really hyped but I think it's time to cancel the ps4 pre-order and just pick one up next spring. Spending that much money on a box I'll barely use will just be annoying.

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I have the same history as you, have really enjoyed all previous AC games except for 3. (I did finish 3, mostly because I still enjoyed traversal and syncing at towers). I've only played a few hours of 4 but I'm loving it, it's much more fun, the story so far is pretty interesting, the sailing is fantastic. Stealth is the thing that really stands out, it finally works the way they intended it to but never managed to make it happen.

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thanks all! I guess I'll nab PC, bit more expensive is worth it if it means less time staring at a loading screen.

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Hi, this game is like £4 cheaper to get on Xbox as a full season than it is on PC...is there a good reason for me to get it on PC* or should I just go for it on console?

*like loading times, visual fidelity?

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@jarowdowsky: totally, don't know why the level up notification doesn't auto-hide after a while. Super irritating.

If I didn't already know that this wasn't developed by the same people, I'd have guessed after playing a little while. This game is buggier and just generally less polished than an Arkham game should be.

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@rubzo: oh wow, would never have thought of that. Thanks!