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Hi, I've been an Android user for the past 4ish years, haven't had an iPhone since my trusty 3G, but I think it's time to go back. However, I've not followed the changes so hoped someone here could give me some help - is there any reason to get the 6 over the 5s? And is the 5s significantly better than the 5c? Or is it all much of a muchness?

Thanks very much for your help

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Unfortch I'm going to the Wild Rumpus party Saturday night after EGX, any GBers going to be there?

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@chaser324: that's a fair criticism but I think by waiting until well after the hashtag died out*, I was avoiding doing just that. It was just something I found interesting.

*technically the hashtag still gets some use every day, which is lovely, but it's nowhere near the levels from the 22nd.

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My immediate reaction was to think of friend of the site, Brad Muir. The videos for Massive Chalice have been a pretty great look at game development, and he's excellent throughout.

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Ticket to Ride please!

*edit* thanks for doing this by the way, very cool of you.

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@mortface: that is amazing and ridiculous, I applaud your efforts.

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@somberowl is right, those games do have a similar formula but none are quite as good as in FC3. Maybe try Just Cause 2? I remember having a blast zipping into an army base and clearing it out. I never tried to be stealthy about it, but it's probably possible.

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The love affair between Giant Bomb and Idle Thumbs continues unabated

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Saturday would work best for me (that's the day I've got my ticket for). My nerd hang out of choice is always Loading Bar in Dalston, great people on the bar, good atmosphere to it.

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Looks like everyone had a good time, I'm glad! I had a bourbon with a single cube of ice in his honour too, wish I could have made it to the meet.