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Interesting that people who haven't even played the game are giving such assertive opinions about what it does wrong

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The game-play is pretty solid, feels mid-way between COD and Battlefield. Ive been enjoying my time with it.

I like the amount of customisation they have for the guns.

In terms of negatives:

The spawn system seems a bit messed up.

The menus feel very clunky - selecting a gun/class/nationality is not very intuitive

Overall I think it is pretty good, Ill probably pick up a copy.

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Is it just my poor connection to the servers (being from Australia) or do enemies take half a clip to take down? Felt very different from what i was used to with GRAW 2

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Must have taken a lot of practice to get that good at that mission - its a tough one

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I was actually looking forward to this game. Not after playing the demo.
Whilst Driver 3 was a buggy mess, I still had fun with it and I remember enjoying the car handling/driving somewhat.
The driving in this game feels terrible and I was instantly disappointed with it. The weight to the cars feels all wrong and isn't even slightly realistic or satisfying. As for the 'shift' mechanic, it seemed gimmicky and unnecessary to me.
Its a shame because the driver games have so much potential if they would just get the basics right, I wont be buying this one that's for sure.

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I played the trial and it seemed like a solid fun game especially for 800 points. But no online co-op is a joke, glad I found that out before I bought it.

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Just because something is in the game doesnt mean it necessarily should be. Somethings dont make the game better, they make it worse.

For example, Martyrdom. The developers of COD4 admitted that it was a problem and had been put into the game to help bad/new players - but was abused by high level players. Players who used martyrdom were disliked by the majority of COD4 players because the perk ruined the flow of the game-play and resulted in cheap/frustrating deaths.

Second chance is similar in these respects - and is equally disliked in Black Ops.

The added revival ability just increases the ability for it to be abused by high level players, running together in groups - allowing teammates to kill enemies before they can finish off downed second chance opponents and allowing people to more regularly get higher tier kill-streaks.

Many people believe it is frustrating, cheap and should not be in the game.

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Second chance just ruins the flow of the gameplay, plus there are other perks to use, just none as frustrating as second chance.

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1) The primary weapon while falling thing does exist.

For example, I have

never ever

seen a situation happen, where me and another player (both


using second chance) fire at each other and both kill each other simultaneously - yet when facing someone using second chance I am regularly killed by their bullets fired by their primary weapon just as they are falling into second chance. So if in 'perk-less gameplay' it is impossible to both die simultaneously from each others fire, then why can a player using second chance kill me with there assault rifle - yet I also took them down into second chance at the same time? Obviously they have been able to continue spraying there primary while in the first frames of second chance falling.

2) The opportunity to get good use out of second chance does come often for alot of second chance users - espeically those users who have used it so much they have unlocked the pro version and can now be revived.

For example: If people using second chance attack in groups - you bring down one and naturally move your aim quickly to the other, meanwhile you didn't even get the first kill because hes busy sitting on the ground with his pistol out. Often this can cause hesitation where your caught between whether to aim for the second chance user and his team-mate.

3) Yes, panic spamming your pistol in last stand is an acceptable tactic.

4) I have no problem with revives in BF:BC2 because the person who took down the player still gets a kill from it. Additionally, the person who has been killed is not sitting on the ground shooting back while waiting to be revived. Moreover the person doing the reviving is also unable to fight back as they have to have the defibrillators out instead of their gun.

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Second chance is the most frustrating thing in this game, - especially when they kill you whilst falling into second chance, still able to fire there primary for some unknown reason. Or my favorite of all when they knife you whilst falling after being out gunned in close quarters.

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