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@metalgearsunny: HAHAHA! I LOVE IT! Made me laugh but than started to cry. Going to miss him so much.

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We love you Ryan, you ARE the best internet broadcaster ever, no one will ever be able to replace you. We are all lucky to have known you in some way.

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@ei8htbit: Where do I even start with this? Microsoft laid down the gauntlet. To think that they caved to the uproar of JUST internet people going wild is pretty naive, don't you think? I'm pretty sure they were looking at some hard numbers for pre-orders and the PR they did (or lack thereof) was a complete disaster. And I agree with you about the Vita memory cards, they are all guilty of doing fucked up things to the consumer. Just as Microsoft is for selling over priced 2.5 hard drives for the past 7 years.

I want to play games on all these systems and have a good time, I just want the right to choose what I do with the content that I buy from them in physical form and not be treated as a criminal. I love the Xbox brand and don't want to see it go away, but the past 2 and half years have been very strange for them, I feel they are drifting more and more away from what got them here in the first place.

And I'm not under any delusions that any one of these companies 'has my back'. Again I understand, I know this is a business and they can do whatever they want. But we all have the right to not partake in it if we chose not to. We all have options, lots of them in fact. And voicing our concerns is the only way things can change. Or in this case, with our wallets.

Also Shiggy has had my back in no way since him and his company have deprived me of a new F-Zero game for the past 10 years. :P

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@ei8htbit: You would makeup with someone even after you found out their true intentions of something this incredibly heinous? You must have some pretty low morals and standards for what people can do to you.

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Well I don't love the Kinect or any of the 'experiences' I've had with it, it's a unnecessary add on that I know many of your core users that will buy Xbox One on the first day could do without. So please take it away and pass the savings down to the consumer. Do the right thing.

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I still feel dirty about them, knowing that they wanted to fuck us this hard. And I'm still not getting one until the always on/plugged in Kinect policy is dropped. Stop forcing that down our throats.

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Please please come out in a timely fashion...

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Always on Kinect is bull shit, I don't want to even have that thing in my home let alone it always having to be connected to even run the box.

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DOG MODE!!!!!!!

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Waiting for PC version, I have it pre-ordered.