I love Method Man

Fuck 50 "G-Unot" Cent, the Ticallion Stallion himself, Mr M.E.T.H.O.D. Man, should get his own game, he's awesome in the Def Jam games, and has further shown his acting prowess as Cheese, nephew of Prop Joe, in HBO's brilliant show The Wire. Seriously Johnny Blaze (yes I am going to use every possible name for him) awesome in some kind of action/adventure, shooter, brawler game i.e. Butcher Bay meets Gears with problem solving. Plus you get to have a selectable squad including Redman and members of the Wu-Tang Clan as selectable sqaudmates (Red should be the default co-op character). The game would have an amazing soundtrack with choice cuts from, Meth(Meth vs Chef is a personal favourite), Red and all the Wu-Tang posse.
Somebody please make this game