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I'm a big fan of the DA games and I really enjoyed Inquisition, but Witcher 3 is just in a different universe. So damn good.

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1. Metallica - I listen to them more than any of the other three and their catalogue is probably the most diverse and serves different moods way better than the rest of the Big 4.

2. Slayer are a pretty close second, it helps that they're probably the most consistent and haven't ever released a truly bad album. Plus they influenced a lot of the extremer ends of metal, which I'm into.

3. I really like Anthrax's style, they're the band I'd most want to hang out with and I thing a lot of that comes through in the music.

4. Megadeth - Fuck Dave Mustaine.

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My Qunari Inquisitor looking a bit gormless mid-conversation with Cullen.

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Playing a fuck-ton of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Origins is one of my favourite games and while II was nowhere near as good I still enjoyed it more than everyone else seemed to. I'm about 15 hours in and really digging it, despite the combat being kinda crappy.

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I like Game of the Year lists and end of year lists in general, because they give me a chance to remember some of the things I skipped, or missed out on throughout the year and maybe pick them up in a sale. Plus I like seeing the lists of people I like and whose views I trust and respect.

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For me it has to be Watch Dogs, which is a truly awful game, but really I understand why everyone was disappointed with Destiny, it just never interested me for some reason; all of that hype just fizzled into such a tepid game.

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I would like him to as I haven't played it, but I imagine they'll just do the core games. I even get the feeling that 4, being more recent, is less like something Drew feels he missed and just knows nothing about, which was kind of the initial impetus of the series.

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Merry fuckin' Krissmas

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The Banner Saga's music was fantastic.

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Good Omens. I really enjoy the work of both Pratchett and Gaiman and have been thoroughly entertained by Good Omens (I'm about 1/3 through). Don't know why it's taken me so long to get to it.