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Aversion to Vin Diesel?! How is this possible?!

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Doesn't suck is the best they can say about it? I am underwhelmed by their confidence in their game

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Can't blame em for jumping ship

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Actually pretty psyched cuz I love Civil War storylines

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TheSmilingDude have you heard Death Magnetic? cuz that's pretty fucking awesome, I actually like the entire Metallica catalogue, but can totally see the problem people have with post Black Album (excluding Death Magnetic) stuff, especially Load and ReLoad which were v. hit and miss. Anyhoo I wasn't being entirely serious, people can listen to whatever the hell thet like, I do. Just think it's a bit weird for anyone to call themselves a metal fan and write off Metallica entirely
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That headline provoked a very unpleasant image. Although metal up your ass was hardly a pleasant image to begin with. Anyhoo 2 comments the first from Brad's article "Is it really still cool to be way into heavy metal?" - it has never been really cool to be way into heavy metal, that's why Jack Black is (or can be when on form) funny, btw this is NOT a dig at metal as anyone who knows what I lokk like should be able to tell. Secondly keyhunter  said "As long as Tim Schafer's idea of metal isn't shit like Rise Against and Metallica", now I can't comment on Rise Against cuz I haven't really heard anything by them, but anyone who is even remotely into metal and doesn't like Metallica is a charlatan and a philistine, and should, therefore, be lashed and force to listen to nothing but Master of Puppets (album not song) for a month.

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I think rather than there being two polar opposites of intentionality and improvisation, there is more of sliding scale, a gradient between totally on the rails games where you move swiftly from one objective to the next with almost zero control, i.e. light-gun games, at the other end of that scale I suppose would be things like second life where you can wander around aimlessly doing whatever you want with no real purpose. Nether of the extremes of this scale particularly appeal to me, I think games are at their best when there are objectives and tasks, but it is up to the player how and when to do them.
In short you should have an intention, but improvise around it.

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I thought Packie should have had more of a response to Kate's death

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Oh, Ok I actually feel less bad that Jim died now cuz that mission annoyed the Hell outta me

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Here's hoping next DLC has a return of her so she can get her comeuppance