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@netBuff: GB: railbird13 | PSN: railbird13 | MP Games: Lumines, Hot Shots Golf

Hopefully give MP a spin on the vita after a few days of single player stuff, look forward to meeting fellow GB'ers

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Good news about the game (as long as what he said is true) .... he noted on his radio show on Sirius sometime last week when asked about the game that it wouldn't be using the board peripheral again. Here's hoping to the return of THPS 2 & 3 days

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I'm not very interested in this at all.  I've enjoyed the core CoD experience provided out of the box just fine these last few iterations and honestly; there are so many other games coming out toward the end of this year which I'd rather spend my seemingly dwindling gaming time with.  I enjoy a wide variety of genres, so I'd rather put that $50 to a new retail game or go back and pick up a few games on discount that I haven't played yet as I churn through my back log.

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@Zanda said:

'At 328 hours, this is what his DS looked like:

Time spent playing: 328:21
Defeated Monster List Completion: 87%
Wardrobe Completion: 64%
Item List Completion: 88%
Alchenomicon Completion: 74%

Only 523 hours to go until 100%.'

Did you mean from 250? Because that doesn't really add up.
I think it should read 445 hours to go .... 773 - 328.  Looks like the 523 references the 250 hrs he put in on the trip. 
That's a lot of hours playing one game.  I remember in my pokemon playing days I had a friend that hit the 281 hour mark and the game timer stopped at that point .... to which he put in another 100 hours of uncounted time
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The one feature that I really wanted out of the Steamworks integration is the ability to have save games across platforms!  Everything else is awesome, I think this is a great step in unifying disparate platforms.

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I don't even own a modern Nintendo product (the last I bought was the N64), but I still enjoy listening to this podcast.  Roll on, Jeff. Roll on.

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@Vextroid said:
" @Devil240Z said:
" @railbird13: I had that problem once. But I deletes some crap and have been ok. But I need to get a bigger HDD. whats the biggest size the PS3 will take? I have a 320 in now.  
@ProfessorEss: I guess I sort of agree with you but Sony has to get some cash on the side somehow. I imagine Microsoft makes a shit load of money from gold where Sony doesn't have a similar source of profit from a seemingly intangible product.  "
Does that autodownload download game updates too? I thought it was just System Level stuff. Might have to get a Plus subscription... "
Yup, it does everything.  Pre-selected demos (like Mortal Kombat), software updates for games, and system patches.  I usually have mine come on when I'm at work so I can come home and not have to worry about patching.
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@Devil240Z said:
" @EVO said:
" @Devil240Z said:
" @nabokovfan87: It has, autodownload ftw. "
Tell me more about this autodownload.  Do you just leave your PS3 on overnight and it downloads any available updates? "
heh well its a feature of PS Plus. Sony's version of Xbox live gold. The PS3 will turn on at a designated time and check for any software updates and apply them.  "
Except when you get an error message saying you don't have the 5GB of space which PSN is trying to auto download! I need to check into it, but I would love for there to be an option for prioritizing or configuring what PS+ Auto download will do.  I don't care about getting an exclusive demo auto installed (especially as I haven't upgraded from my 80 GB drive yet).  I don't mind taking the time to go to the store and click on the icon for the demo.  I do care about getting patches pre-installed so I don't have to wait to download and install for games.  If I could only select to have those patches installed, I would be more content with the service.
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Insta-Buy!  Awesome port they did last time with COO, love the god of war series

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Time for the CAPS to win their game 7 tonight!

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