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I never throw away the ends of a loaf of bread, I don't see why you would do that since it's still bread.

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If it's a book series I really enjoy I do try to revisit the earlier books. There are a few exceptions, like the Wheel of Time series where there are just to many books to read through.

But an example is The Kingkillers Chronicle. Before the second book came out I revisit the first one and still enjoyed it as much as the first time.

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If you haven't read the book yet and are planning to you should really try to avoid spoilers. When I first read the book it was quite a revalation and like Jimi said, It's a big part of what makes the book what it is.

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While I'm going to miss the achievement integration on the site i understand why they didn't implement it with new systems on the way and the re-launch of the website.

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There's a couple of popular franchises I haven't played. Mostly because I don't care much for the specific theme in them.

  • Resident Evil
  • Silent Hill
  • Pokemon (This one I haven't played because I've never really owned a Nintendo handheld)
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Same problem here. It says I have 32 messages , even though they are all already read. Good to hear a fix is incoming!

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Freddie Mercury with Bruce Springsteen being a close second.

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Gaming is actually my second biggest hobby nowadays. What I spend most of my time with (when I'm not with friends) is reading. I love reading, I finish 1-2 books a week. Other then that I enjoy watching sports on TV. I mostly watch soccer and MMA with some NHL thrown in now and then.

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I have this on disc in some closet somewhere, but will of course pick it up on GOG now when it's free.

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@Siphillis: Of course it does. If you buy anything not Sony with that $40 PSN credit, it's not like magical money appears from nowhere and pays the developers/publishers of that non-Sony game.