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Weird! Wartribution had the laser thing coming out of his mouth on my screen, along with an annoying sound.

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It's working here. Sad thing is: No paypal payment option. :(

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That's a nice video Rapid - glad I could help. Also, good on the BBB Clan Emblem - Really liked how it looks like GBHI (makes it consistent) and I also loved the color.

I gotta say.. Warframe is arlight.

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No more Paypal payment option though, right?

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The ultimate Giantbomb Hipster: All he does is take pictures of the boxes his food came in and post about it on the Internet.

If anybody can do it, it's you... FranticRain?

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@badnews said:

Ok finally finished coloring it! (Joking aside been busy with commissions. Should have time to work on it tonight though!)

Why is his tongue not red?

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@badnews: That's... not it at all. :D

I'm talking about an avatar made by a friend for another friend on this specific service. It's the giantbomb bomb, but in moe form. I don't have the file myself, but I'll ask them if it can be posted later.

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I know of the existence of at least one Moe Bomb (moe problems?) out there in the wild. Sadly, I am not at liberty to reproduce it, nor do I have the means to.

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Hey there. There's something that always bugged me on the Giantbomb/Dumptruck podcast feed, and today it kinda dawned upon me to make a thread about it.

On both Dumptruck and Giantbombcast Regular RSS feeds (I don't use the Premium one), the itunes XML tag for duration comes in seconds (like so):

<itunes:duration xmlns:itunes="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd">11043</itunes:duration>

While, on the 8-4 podcast, it comes properly formatted as hours:minutes:seconds:


And this interferes in the way that RSS Feed viewers (like Podcast clients for mobile devices) display said information. Showing that a podcast has a duration of 11043 is not really that useful. I thought that it was a site-wide RSS feed creation issue paired with a incompatibility with my Podcast Feed viewer (which is not the agreed upon best Android podcast feed aggregator) , but since both RSS feeds (probably) share the same publishing system, I found it weird that one feed has the issue while the other doesn't. The problem also doesn't happen on any other feed I have subscribed from different websites. Since I don't really know how those RSS are created (are they all information scraped from a single MP3 or does the person that created said MP3 have to add that information to the Header of each file individually?), I wonder if it's an engineering issue or a MP3 Creation issue. Either way, I much prefer when I can see the hh:mm:ss format. This is by no means a critical issue, but it would be nice to see it resolved.

edit: omg this editing interface.... jeez. I wanted to put images below each section, but it seems impossible, so here they are at the end of the post:

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