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Has anyone else gotten to the point where you just don't care? I played Killzone 2 and watched the Lost Planet 2 trailer and I realize they look awesome, but they didn't impress me. Then I played World of Goo and was totally drawn in.

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Hexpane said:
"TwoOneFive said:
"damn, he not only pranked 9/11, but the entire local news and that dumbass councilman. 
edit: damn i listened to the whole call. this guy sounded serious. he must have been a super straight edge guy and had no idea, he sounds dead honest about everything. even starts hiding his dog. if not, this man is a prank calling pro. 
and man was that funny. 
"i think we're dead' LMFAO
Clearly a very good prank call.  Everything about it is bogus.  Talking head newscasters are desperate for content and rarely double check sources.  YOu can prank call 911 from a payphone and the chances of getting
caught are slim"
It's not a prank. The cop resigned as after this.
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regularassmilk said:
"haah i'm about 20 minutes from dearborn lol"
This actually happened in Dearborn Heights, but they say Dearborn because no one knows what Dearborn Heights is. lolz.
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This stuff is a mess. Gimme some of that Linkin Park!

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Here is the full call.
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This happened about a block away from me.
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"I love bullshit like this."

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You should check out Blood Diner.

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Argh! I hate Dane Cook because he's popular, but I tell people it's because he's a bad comedian and steals jokes! Arrrr!