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I just want to point out the hypocrisy here again. This is the same Patrick Klepek that included Shadows of the Damned on his top ten games of the year in 2011. That game featured a woman in lingerie on the cover in some regions. It was marketed with trailers that said the main character had to save his "hot girlfriend." The publisher created a parody of an adult magazine featuring the female lead. The game is loaded with sexual humor, scenes of nudity, and the repeated torture of the female lead. Patrick thought this was an awesome game last year (and rightfully so). Now he's decrying the the release of a headless female statue in promotion of a violent zombie game set on a tropical island as "sexist."

You may now resume Patrick Klepek's White Knight Chronicles..

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Well deserved.

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I don't judge games by metacritic, but Planetside has an 81 rating with 31 reviews. Clearly not perfect, but far from bad. #justsaying

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DS outsold 3DS, a bit surprised by those numbers

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My ID is RainElbows, feel free to add me.

Good times..

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They released a teaser, for a trailer, for a documentary, for a videogame website that still does not exist. You read that right; a teaser for a full trailer for their documentary. That in itself is ridiculous, and I'm not even touching the pretentious bullshit content of the teaser. You can already see the spin. First they lashed out via twitter and in comments on their own site, now they're making jokes about documentary videos on twitter and blaming it on the video production arm of the company. Way to burn some bridges..

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@LegendaryChopChop said:


haha, my thoughts exactly..

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Slow news day eh?

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Possibly going up against Gears of War Judgment?

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"All in all , a relatively strong showing from Sony."

What? I find it hard to believe we watched the same presentation. I wouldn't say it was as bad as Microsoft, but strong is quite a stretch.

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