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Since when did Buzzfeed starting making threads on Giantbomb?

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@korwin: Most of the game takes place after the events of the first one, if that is what you are asking.

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I have been following the production of the Loom fan sequel, Forge, for almost a year now and they have just recently finished chapter one. It is based off of the potential sequel ideas that Brian Moriarty had for Loom. The second game would have been called Forge and followed the adventures of Rusty Nailbender of the Blacksmiths Guild.

I have only played the first few minutes so far, but it seems pretty decent. The game has some pretty nice art direction. The voice acting can sometimes be a little weak. (At one point Professor is abbreviated Prof. and the voice actor literally pronounces it Prof. Does anyone actually do that?) The person voicing Rusty does a solid job though.

Download Forge Today!

By the way if you are stuck at the opening just keep guessing. There is no actual copyright code.

I will add more thoughts on it as I progress through the game.

If you haven't even played Loom yet,

Buy Loom Today!

So if you are curious try it out and share your thoughts.

And no, I have no connection to the people behind this project.

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But the truth is that GTA attracts people because it allows them to do stuff they really want to do. Men love to kill, to use violence and to deal drugs and to give the law the finger. But if you were to ask people in a study, most would say no - many people don't even dare/want to admit this to themselves. People are not glorious angels, most people are dirty, cheating bastards. Myself included. The very reasons we have laws in society is too keep people from doing what they really want and what they really feel like doing all the time.

Maybe you are just in the minority and don't want to admit it. I honestly don't have any genuine urge to kill or deal drugs.

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I have no idea, but I think I would find both equally disturbing sounds.

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I recently remember the Unearthed was a thing that existed. Since I had a love for both Uncharted and bad video games I decided to give it a look. The iphone version of the game was free so I attempted to download it. When the screen came up to confirm that I would now download the game the screen came up and I tried to select OK. Nothing happened. I turned my phone off and on again and was successful.

When I started the game it was one thing after another. The text was too small to read and the game glitched out on my first try, causing the character to shoot wildly and move around so he could get killed After struggling through the awkward gameplay of the first level, it went through a sub-par cutscene and then to the loading screen. At the loading screen the game exited out. I tried another four times to get back in, but it continued to suddenly quit out. I even tried to delete and reinstall the game, but not even that worked. This game is literally unplayable.

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@landon said:

Calling Masquerade Bloodlines GTA meets Vampires is pretty misleading. Yeah, there's an open world, but just barely. It's like 2 blocks worth of street, and you run everywhere on foot. I would call it the best Vampire RPG ever made though.

Masquerade Bloodlines is Skyrim with guns.

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I eagerly await the scene where Ellen Page uses the toilet.

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The top rated comments on that article pretty much sums up my feelings on this article.

"But as soon as the guy turns up, she dissolves into tears and nursing. She could be machetifying a rapist cannibal into sashimi, but if the hero arrives she'll instantly collapse into helpless tears, safe in his arms. Because that's exactly what happens."

No, you're right. Its a well known fact that when a real 14 year old is put through the indescribable trauma of fighting off a rapist and being forced to hack him to death, she will just light a cigarette and utter a one-liner. Terror isn't real, and certainly never affects a person once its over. Thats how sanity works, right?

"Looks like you've got......a splitting headache."