Some of my all-time favourites of the past decade (A Work in Progress)

  • Now as you may, and probably don't know.. the 200X decade (officialy declared the 'aughts') was MY decade of growing up. The new millenuim brought with it truckloads upon truckloads of amazing gaming experiences.  
    I feel the only decade that really competes is the 90's, just in terms of sheer innovation and getting gaming to where it is today.  
    However there have been some unique games unlike any we've ever played before. And those are the types of games that I love the most.   

    So I've decided to create a comprehensive list of all the games that I've enjoyed the most between 2000 & 2009.
    Mind you, there's no way I can fit them all on here... this list is large enough.   
    So I am making the list stop at 95 games.  
    YES, that is only so I can complete the GiantBomb quest that requires 95 items on a list ;]

    [ The following list is in chronologic order ^-^ ] 

    - Year with most games: TBA  
    - Console with most games: TBA
    - Year with least games: 2009 (five games)
    - Console with least games: GameBoy Color (one game)

List items