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I don't think I've ever felt the kind of loss of anyone that I feel of Ryan Davis right now. He is dead. Having a hard time processing that...

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Unless it's another Klepek working in the games industry, living on the West Coast and is also from Chicago. Could be. Sorry to disturb your peace.

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Do my ears deceive me? What does that mean for GB?

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I can't seem watch or embed the Limbo Gameplay Trailer video. It goes straight to Featured page. Can someone give the link a try and report back, if they can see the video or not? Thanks.

Browsers: FF3.6, FF4b8, IE8 and Google Chrome.
OS: WinXP 32bit, Win7 64bit
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This was alright. Looking forward to future installments. And yes, it needs the Wii/DSiWare store music. Every podcast needs the  Wii/DSiWare store music...

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Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: I love you!
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Whenever I try to insert a video (the embed code) from either YouTube or Giant Bomb and click Insert, the blog area blinks once (the progress bar shows up) and nothing happens, the blog area remains empty.
In IE, videos from YouTube can be embedded without issue. The GB videos, however, show up as white rectangles, but not before I hit the Post Blog button. They can be played back normally while in edit mode, but as soon as I hit Post Blog, the blog only shows white rectangles instead of actual videos. The player component is there, there just isn't anything to play back (this is also true for FF, versions 3.5 and 3.6).
The strange thing is, I already have blogs with YT videos embedded in them, and if I paste the embed code from those older blogs into a new one, the videos don't come up.
OS: WinXP 32bit SP3
My blog page with a test blog showing a white rectangle (2nd from the top):
Thanks. If you need any additional information, let me know. 
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I was going through some of my old bookmarks (need to clean that place up) and found a link to old GS On the spot shows. Good times.
Last show with Jeff Gerstmann... 
(Ryan and Brad are there too!)

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