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Pleasant Dread. 0

It is hard to pull off being both beautiful and genuinely frighting at the same time. Where everything you see is ravishing, yet unnerving. In Dark Souls, From Software's spiritual successor to the cult hit, Demon's Souls, you are constantly scared of what awaits you around every corner- yet, you become absolutely engrossed in the games thick atmosphere that you are compelled to push on.You play as the chosen undead; a character with an unknown past that is seemingly picked at random to fulfill ...

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Dreamkiller? The only thing it's killing is my faith in humanity. 0

Rarely does a game have absolutely no redeeming features. In most cases, an endearing feature shines in even the worst of situations. This cannot be said when it comes to Mindware Studio's 2009 release, Dreamkiller. A shameful mess at the best of times, it comes off as little more than a fan mod made out of a skeleton of a much more competent game.The actual premise of Dreamkiller is the only thing that sticks out as a good idea. You're a psychologist who has the ability to delve deep into the f...

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Stealth has never been so much fun. 0

When Dishonored was announced earlier this year, I had modest expectations for what it would become. Sure, the trailer was well done and quite impressive, but a great trailer hardly makes for a great game. To go along with humble expectations, Dishonored's developer, Arkane Studios, have only a short track record for making lesser known “cult hits”, so their ability to take on a big budget major release was questionable. It didn't help their cause that they revealed that Dishonored would be a hi...

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