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Start with the Wire that series has ended so you can watch from beginning to end. Then watch Breaking Bad by the time your done they will be starting the second half of the last season. Then Firefly because you'll need some light airy fun show to cleanse your palette from all the death and despair. The go watch some Walking Dead.

These are all great shows that i love'd to pieces, but have to go with the Wire for best show... ever. Sorry Mash.

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@rolanthas: Totally agree with you. The terminal scene was amazing. So atmospheric and the Track Tears by Health had me on the edge of my couch. My heart was pounding, palms were sweaty. Max Payne 3 particularly that aforementioned level transported me into a space very few games have been able to do. Sound in games I think often is unappreciated, but Rockstar continues to set the bar high. Bravo!

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@InternetCrab: I can see a Lost and Damned as a good template for the game maybe throw in a little territory gameplay from San Andreas and you have the gameplay for something nice. I would love to see a game where you play the role of a recruit and work your way up to having a patch and possibly forming your own clubhouse (under SOA of course).

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This is not a consumer friendly model. While the barrier to entry is low $99 as stated in the previous comment after two years you paid $460. Or a savvy consumer could pay $315 for all of what's being offered and not be tied into some payment plan. Unfortunately I believe this is a trend that will continue into the next generation. I'm sure PlayStation will follow suit.

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@raynate2022: I'll take that offer up. I've been playing battlefield 3 and absolute;y love the mulitplayer. I'm on 360 as well and all ways looking for competent players who use their Mic. Let's squad up. gamertag: Rame40

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I agree with all the point made. I would add that for learning how to steer your vehicles switching to 3rd person view is ideal. I'm playing on the 360 so for me it's clicking in the right analog stick. I found that by showing the entire vehicle whether it's a tank or aircraft you can see how the vehicle reacts to the controls this was a crucial step for me in learning how to fly the jets and helicopters. Mind you this is not idea for actually firing on an enemy position (for this you want to switch back to 1st person), but it's important to feel comfortable controlling these metal monsters and once you know how to maneuver the rest will fall into place.

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Then GameStop should sell their copies as used.

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When you first get Gears of War 3 which game mode will you play first? multiplayer or the campaign?

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I'll probably be picking up the Xbox 360 version of this game which I understand will be running at  30 FPS (frames per second). The PC version will be running at 60 FPS. Anyone think this will affect the game play enough to be noticeable or takeaway from enjoying the game?

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