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That trailer was amazing, I'm really tempted to jump back into EVE now.

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I've seen both all the way to the end and BSG is far superior in my opinion.

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I'm so glad I don't follow this shit closely because it just seems like the dumbest fucking thing in the world.

The only genuinely important thing here is that people are being harrassed and losing their jobs, that fucking sucks. No one is forcing you to consume all forms of games media, if there's a writer you don't like and you can't handle their opinion being different to yours, don't read their shit. It's pretty fucking simple.

"GamerGate"? Jesus fucking Christ.

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The Raid and its sequel are both fantastic movies and you owe it to yourself to see both of those films if you consider yourself an action movie fan.

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Spelunky deathmatch drinking game

Play with standard rules.

Take a drink if you die.

Everyone take a shot if everyone dies.

Take a shot if you don't win the game.

Suffice to say I've only played this once.

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I was originally going to say no, but then I remembered how skilfully he dodged doing any real work at college. He'd get out somehow.

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I'm pretty sure he's swore during MGS.

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BL2's attempts at humour made me extremely angry. It's a testament to how good the gameplay was that I actually made it all the way through.

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I wish everyone could just grow the fuck up.