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@alcohocaust: You do realise all these videos are both on the site and on youtube right?

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New Vegas on the 360 was a fucking mess for me. Hard locked probably dozens of times.

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These are great for some reason and you implemented my suggestions!

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It might be worth sticking a recommendation on the end of this as to whether it's worth watching and maybe who's in the QL and how long it is.

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Molyneux has always struck me as a snake oil salesman. Charming but arrogant and prone to lying. It doesn't help that he seems to believe his own bullshit. The fact Godus has exploded in his face shouldn't surprise anyone.

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$75.59 million combined

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Cool, scoring systems are restrictive and suffocate nuanced critiques.

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The Mission - A football based action adventure game based on an advert. It was super dumb

Legend of Myra - A fucking awesome 2d puzzle platformer for the PC. This game is amazing and more people should play it. Speaking of which, it is available on the Internet Archive.

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The zoo