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I really liked it. The ending is superb.

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Up and over usually, sitting down if I've just woken up or I'm extremely drunk

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Does this white privilege exist everywhere, or do you pick and choose? Do white people in Zimbabwe and South Africa have it?

It exists in middle class America, which is where the rest of the internet exists of course.

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Go on holiday, meet new people or old friends you haven't seen in a while, do something you wouldn't usually do. In my own personal experience, "depression", for lack of a better term, comes about when I stick to the same routine day in and day out.

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Always in the morning, but sometimes both.

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But seriously, hey.

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This whole thing is ludicrous.

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I feel like you're going about this the wrong way. When I do something creative, it's a way of expressing my emotions and hopefully getting rid of, or at least rationalising, any negativity in my life at that point. I'm not looking for widespread acceptance of what I do or any sort of financial benefit.

Be creative for yourself, not for others.

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I'm stiiiiiiiiillllllll in a dream

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I thought the buzz was that the new hire was Cara Ellison or have I just pulled that from my arse?