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That is not $100 worth of stuff.

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@fattony12000: Thank you so much for exposing me to that.

"People here are literally bursting with war!"

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@sterling said:

@fredchuckdave: I'm sure a lot of people don't even now she exists either.

The only I reason I know o here is because of the loading screens. I also thought she was dude until I read this thread.

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My premium subscription stopped a couple of days ago because I got a new card and forgot to change my billing details. I've just bought a year with my new card but I'm still seeing adverts on the site.

I'm running Chrome by the way.

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It's probably when the embargo lifts?

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Heroes got super bad, super quick. I hope the new series doesn't suck.

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I keep forgetting this thread exists.

It's been a long road...

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I wonder when a writer in this industry is going to have the balls to tell people to calm the fuck down about feminism. There are far worse things happening in this industry and in the wider world regarding the treatment of women than Deep Down having a male protagonist.

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I've got just to person to host as well

Why do I still have this on my computer?

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Freedom Fighters 2