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It looks really good.

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Awesome. I know what I'm putting on my X-mas list!

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@hosstile17 said:

@splodge said:

Some alternatives:

Sunset NOverdrive

Suckset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrivel

Ding Ding We got a winner.

I would have gone with:

Hot dog! We have a weiner!!

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Due to work, I'll be starting up my stream this Friday at 8AM PST. It's updated in the Community Streams TV guide thread, but I thought I would update it here as well. Looking forward to checking out everybody's stream!

Gonna be a great time.

For the kids!

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I'm really digging it.

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@hatking: The first time I saw that QL, I laughed so much and so hard that I couldn't breathe.

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Always looking to group up with some duders in Destiny. PSN is: randomZer0_2814. Rolling with a LVL 23 Warlock. I'm on PST.

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I worked as a paperboy when I was 13. It was kinda like the game, except with more dogs & I flipped as over tea kettle into a thorn bush because I was going so fast on my bike because of said dogs chasing me.

Got paid good money though so...

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Also splitting time between three games: Destiny, Shadow of Mordor & Shovel Knight on 3DS. Destiny is one of those games where like I shouldn't be playing the game as much because of the imbalances...yet I keep coming back because the gameplay is so fun so until I stop having fun I'll keep playing for a couple of hours every so often. Haven't really sank my teeth into Mordor, but the little I did play I really enjoyed. Can't wait to really put my time into it. Shovel Knight is awesome. Challenging but keeps you coming back for more because of how great the gameplay is. Really like it. I'm about halfway through with it.