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I just bought it during the Steam Summer Sale, so if anyone would like to co-op sometime, definitely hit me up. Steam: armando_mendoza88

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I did the first one and was planning on going back to finish the rest when I flipped the game but....I kinda don't? I have a lot of games to finish right now so at some point, I'll go back and finish the rest of the missions.

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This is my new favorite thread.

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One time I "Rocky Balboa'd" a raw egg at school as a dare. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was the cool kid for like....15 minutes.

Oh, and I like my eggs sunny side up.

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Sometimes I need some kind of noise to help me sleep, but more often than not I can just fall asleep (depending on how tired the day made me). I used to need some kind of noise going during tests back in high school. I just couldn't stand like quietness, having some kind of sound going kept me more relaxed than absolute silence. Weird I know, but it helped me.

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I never finished Super Mario Bros on NES. Ever.

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Me & my brother almost finished it on SNES but I forgot what happened and we didn't go back to it. Then, when it was re-released on VIrtual Console, we both played it again...and didn't finish it. We went back to the save a couple months ago, but we couldn't get our groove back (much like Stella) and just haven't gone back to it.

One day we will...one day...

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I wanted to also buy the OLED Vita but since everyone either doesn't have one to sell or are selling it at a higher price, I'm just gonna get the Borderlands 2 bundle and save some dinero. I have so many games because of PS+ that I could probably use that extra money and get a bigger memory card.

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