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Im in the stands at turn 1, its suuuper cloudy here atm, high chance of rain. Im really disappointed with the sound of the new cars, i cant hear them until they are right in front of you, i dont evan need ear plugs.

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Tomorrow morning 9 hours from now. il be making my way to the track , as i have done every year since '01. And every year i cant wait, and every year im saddened when its over.

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All right guys, first race of the season in 4 days and i have grandstand seats on turn 1. Il be posting some pics on here if i can, anyone els going to the race in Melbourne?

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Thongs are for going to and from the beach or pool. Anything other than that is bogan behaviour. I dont want to look at your fuckin feet. From melbourne

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and in celebration..

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If you need a on the scene correspondant i will be at the Melbourne GP in the stands.

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Australia is PS4 country.

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To Australia, not cheap...

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The one n only..

me hitting refresh...

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@random45 said:

@wrecks said:

Debating a creationist is like ripping your own tongue out and repeatedly bashing it against a brick wall. But I wish Bill luck!

I think you're understating it honestly.

The problem is that BIll shouldn't even be bothering to do this debate. When you engage in a debate with creationist, you let them think they are in the same arena as scientific fact, you give their views credence. Bill shouldn't give them the chance to spew their bullshit.