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I live 10 min from the stadium where the Asian cups being played, and i totally forgot it started today..

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Watching this race, being a hardcore Ferrari fan.. this has been a year to forget..

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To me the map seems smaller than Farcry 3..the game looks great defiantly but i think i preferred the more tropical setting of 3. Oh and thoes birds... at first it was funny but now its just pissing me off..they should patch that shit.

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Fury - 4/5 Enjoyable to go and watch with a bunch of friends. The tank battles where very tense and the sound design of the tank shells whizzing past made me wince in terror. Bit slow in parts but good acting overall..

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I duno bout your pc but running fallout 3 or new vegas was a nightmare for me..i remembering it not liking my cpu. Be prepared for installing drivers..

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duno how many people your gona fit inside your room at the hilton but.. im in..

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When i think of Alex i think of this song..adios muchacho!

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Did anyone else see how bad the layout for the Azerbaijan race in 2016 looks.

Wow.. that has to be the most boring layout i have ever seen..

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When ever i think of Dale Cooper i just imagine Max Scoville

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I will play it when they patch in support for the Logitech GT wheel.