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Hi all!

I've recently been having massive problems with the Mac (yes, Mac...) version of TF2. It crashes, locks up, freezes, and doesn't even let me connect to ANY online games.

I made a video to show the problems I've been facing, which you can watch below.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix all the problems I've been having?

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hair physics need to be in more games.

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6'4, and I'm 192 pounds. I should lose some weight, but my height kinda makes up for it.

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@ShaggyPolarBear: Yeah that's exactly where I got the link. They really couldn't have picked a better song for it though. The game reminds me of Robot Unicorn Attack more than anything, though.

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I saw this on Friday's Happy Hour, and thought it was too good to be missed.

So, as a little promotion for Whiskey Media's awesome content, I've taken this short clip from the show and put it on YouTube.

If you haven't already, go sign up for a Whiskey Media Premium Membership - https://auth.whiskeymedia.com/signup/

Whiskey Media makes the best websites on the internet, so a paid membership is a fine way to respect what they are all doing. I'm still on a monthly, but I plan to upgrade to a yearly subscription in the near future.

Let's hope that we can hit 15,000 new subscribers by the end of the year! - https://auth.whiskeymedia.com/world-tour/

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how can he connect to the internet while on the road? are they just going to rely on a 3G signal, and then use a hotspot?

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alex, your articles continue to be hilarious, keep that up!

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@demonbear I know many people that actually used the Linux feature on PS3. You can't knock the guys efforts at trying to get it back. He wasn't trying to break the law, he wasn't trying to enable piracy on the PS3, which is why hackers have a problem with Sony.
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@blueduck Yeah, that's about right. You've hit the nail on the head with that one :)