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A brilliant arcade racer that gives Burnout a run for it's money. 0

I went into Split/Second after playing the demo many, many times, and I was very impressed. The graphics, sense of speed, sound, all top notch. Split/Second was developed by Black Rock Studio based in Brighton, UK, and they have, by making this game, almost made a rivalry with Criterion, who are based not too far away in the UK, the creators of the Burnout series. I for one think that this time however, Black Rock have made th e better game. Burnout Paradise to me seemed too overwhelming, and th...

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The 40th Day is decent, but it could be better in many ways. 0

Firstly, lets get this out of the way. On the PS3, this game's framerate is horrible. I would recommend purchasing the Xbox 360 version, becuase EA have some sort of problem with keeping a consistent frame rate on their PS3 games. Other games like Skate and Medal of Honor: Airborne have these problems. Why can't they fix this? Whenever you enter a large area in Army of Two, all the nice looking graphics just look ugly becuase of the frame rate...     Ok, onto the actual game. The game is basi...

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An awesome game that has given MW2 a run for it's money. 0

When I picked this game up from the local store on release date, I was expecting big things. For starters, DICE had already impressed me with both the first game in the 'Bad Company' spin-off games, and Battlefield 1943. Both of these games were just amazing multiplayer shooters that set a standard for large, open warfare. Now, the sequel to 2007's Battlefield entry has come out. This game has heavily refined everything that made the first game so great. A new campaign featuring the same charact...

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This game could really have been something special. 0

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, the 2nd western game developed by Techland is yet another attempt at making a solid western shooter. This game, while delivering on graphics, is very weak in every other aspect. The shooting just doesn't feel right at all, and the enemies get very hard in the later stages of the game. There were just too many moments of frustration that made myself hate this game more and more. While I appreciated the detailed graphics, just everything else just seemed very bland ...

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Just Cause 2 is a long enjoyable thrill ride. 0

Just Cause 2 is a game that improves upon its predecessor in many ways. First off, this game is graphically pretty stunning. The games environment has many different locales, ranging from snowy mountain tops to warm sunny tropical beaches. In the game, you play as CIA agent Rico Rodriguez. The main character has been sent to the country of Panau to investigate the corrupt leader, and eventually take him down. Throughout the game, you will be base jumping, sky diving, parachuting and more. The ma...

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Far Cry 2 is a solid action game, although it's not amazing. 0

I started playing Far Cry 2 a couple of weeks now, and I have realised that for the six pounds that I paid for it was damn good value for money. This game is pretty huge, and you can invest over 10 hours playing this game. Far Cry 2 is an open world shooter with a lot of the game based on realism. For example, if you are driving around, and someone shoots at your car, you have to manually repair it. If you get shot up in the middle of combat, you have to literally perform battlefield surgery on ...

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This game has boring gameplay and bad graphics. 0

Yes, I'm afraid to say it, the latest game in the tactical shooter series SOCOM has got a lot of problems. I am reviewing this game after its initial technical fiasco, where the online was not working properly. Well now, it works, I'm not getting any lag at all, which is good. But, the game behind all this is just complete garbage. The controls in this game really do make me mad. Why can't I change them? R2 to run? What were they thinking? No button to snap to cover? It's all very strange for a ...

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This game rocks, but has flawed gameplay. 0

Yes, Brutal Legend rocks more than any other game before it, more even than Guitar Hero. Meet Eddie Riggs, who is a essentially a badass dude sent into a heavy metal world to rock out and to kill some heavy metal monsters. This whole heavy metal inspired game is pretty awesome just due to its content, but flawed gameplay makes this game struggle a bit. Firstly, this game isn't very long. It took me just over 5 hours to complete this game. Yes, you can go back and do all the side quests, as this ...

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Call of Duty Classic is where it all started. 0

So, here we go, Call of Duty Classic for the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace. It is a game that was originally only released on PC, so, this game here is a first for consoles. The PC version of the game was released way back in 2003, so yeah, its nearly 7 years old now. I was hoping that for consoles, Infinity Ward would make the graphics HD, and include lots of other tweaks and refinements. They did not, and kept it as "Classic" as it is possible to be.   The controls are good, however. I found t...

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Rogue Warrior. Just another day at the office, then? 0

This game is pretty bad. For starters, the graphics are slow and choppy, the gunplay is boring, and the cover mechnics are action sequences don't work properly. But underneath all that is one bad-ass muthafuckin character. Dick Marcinko. This guy knows how to knife people. He also knows how to speak like Mickey Rourke. Oh, thats because Mickey Rourke does the voice. Ok, I get it now. Basically, Dick muthafuckin Marcinko goes around killing communists, and often shouting vulgarities along the way...

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Modern Warfare 2 lives up to the hype. 0

On the day of release, I was eagerly awaiting my copy of this game, just like the millions of other people wanting to get their hands on a copy. Just to put a point across, this has probably been the most hyped game of all time, and will probably go on to be the most successful video game ever.   Ok, less of that stuff, and onto the game. Firstly, this picks up right after where Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare left off. Although this time around, you won't be playing as Soap like you were in the ...

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LittleBigPlanet is a must own for all PS3 owners! 0

Wow. My first review really is on a very positive note. Ok. Lets get the important things done first. LittleBigPlanet is the best game on the PS3 at the moment. Graphically, it's amazing, with colourful cartoon graphics, awesome lighting, shadows and the most important - a great, smooth consistent frame-rate, making gameplay a blast. Basically the aim of the main story in the game is to play through about 40 levels made by Media Molecule, the games developer. These levels really show off the tit...

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