"That's some pretty dumb shit."

As I expect a lot of people are, I'm shocked at the loss of Ryan Davis. I didn't really know him, but I felt like I did. I listened to him, and watched him on a weekly if not daily basis, I came to trust his judgment and let him teach me all kinds of dumb shit. All of it is cataloged, like the wisdom of Jor-El, for me to refer back to at my leisure. But there it is. Sure some of it remains a mystery, videos I'd never seen, podcasts I'd not listened to, and stories I'd not heard. But that's it. That and all the crap he showed us. I, like probably a bunch of Bombardiers, met him once. It was at PAX Prime last year. It was cool. I'd actually say it was pretty rad. The highlight of my trip even. I know how much it sucks to lose people you care about, and so, to all the people who cared about him, I hope you cope with it alright. Tonight I'll have a Mountain Dew and cheap ass vodka for my fallen internet hero, White Citrus, because I'mma miss him too.


My Worries and Apprehensions.

As a 22 yr old I have grown up with gaming and comics journalism. Nintendo's powerful propaganda, the rise and fall of the great GMR, Wizard and Toyfare. Then came the internet. By 2000 I had been reading IGN, Gamespy, Gamespot, CBR, etc. for a while as well as a few magazines here and there. Life was...okay. There were problems, but it was okay because that's what we had. Besides, nobody would ever do anything stupid. The "official" sites were there to spread the propaganda, everybody else was supposed to be fair, of course there were suspicions, Gamespy was a bunch of heartless mischief-makers, Gamespot's forums were full of heartless monsters, IGN's content was essentially the same article over and over. Then in the late 00s the Gamespot fiasco came to pass. I don't need to really say anything about that because we all know what went down, but after that I stopped going to gaming websites all together. I was disgusted with what came to pass and I relied pretty heavily on Meanwhile comics journalism turned into a more social activity, SD Comic-Con went social and Wizard Worlds twisted cons into some grotesque abominations. They bought out the shows that wouldn't kow tow to their desires and turned them into everything you hated. Then around 2009 I saw the light, Comic Vine renewed my faith in comics journalism and soon I found the rest of Whiskey Media to be more than deserving of my attention. What is more is that I found the "Greatest Hits" of Gamespot journalists were living happily at Giant Bomb. I quickly threw my money at them, becoming a member in 2010. Giant Bomb, Comic Vine, and Tested have been the only three sites I keep tabs open on. All the time. The Cross-Site content kept me happy and the people have become like friends that don't know that I exist or are listening to their conversations. Now what is Whiskey Media. Will there still be memberships? What will this mean for things like the super shows? I worry about the future of these sites. Tested is already changed in appearance and content, it was unrecognizable to me at first and I actually did a double-take. Not to forget who shows up at the footer of Giant Bomb but Gamespot, the pariah of journalism for me and many of my kind. What will the new owners impose besides throwing names where they don't belong. I will continue to visit these sites, but I am on high alert and I am extremely worried.

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