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I hope they do it. This will be my first PAXEast and I have always heard how fun this party was.

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I'm in, real name is Andrew, Not currently, why not. I'll be on the train (Northeast 174) going in but flying back home because it is marginally cheaper that way.

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@jjweatherman: It's the smile that pushes it over the edge for me, the pained grin of a man trying to master the art of ham radio and still keep the streets clean for his family.

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I know it can't be Vinny, but this cat looks eerily similar.

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Since you didn't specify "Gaming" to just video games, my copy of the Advanced D&D Dungeon Masters guide signed by Gabe, Tycho, most of the GB crew at the time and a bunch of other people.

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But does China have Chyna's boobs? I'm thinking not.

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Considering I've logged a lot of time with the Elder Scrolls Series on both my PS3 (R.I.P.) and my PC probably that, but also the Fallout series, KOTOR, C&C back in my younger days, recently Endless Space and Wargame, and I can see Shadowrun coming back into my life in a pretty heavy way right now. Flight sims also play a pretty heavy role, but those are so spread out that I hardly count them.

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Jeff has a pretty sharp wit, himself. Also I feel pretty relieved hearing that there will be a panel, it was the most fun I had last year and I was looking forward to going again this year.

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So the schedule was released for PAX and I noticed a suspicious lack of Giant Bomb related panels, I can't really say that I'm surprised given some of the recent events, but I am still bummed. Will there be no prime coverage this year by GB?