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I want to rsvp!

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You havent lived until you ran with a phantom dust deck and waiting until 30 minutes into a match to reset everything to 0.

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Where's Another Century's Episode R2? You guys said R was just a warm up for the "next gen" hardware and that was 4 years ago....

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@video_game_king: I heard it was a clone with a blend of Ryan and Jeff's DNA. They outsourced him though and he came out all swedish.

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A great rendition of the legendary wizard Brad "I'M NOT A WIZARD" Shoemaker.

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@turambar said:

@patrickklepek said:

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@planetfunksquad said:

I think 99% of you completely misunderstood what Rohrer was saying here...

Well, he is telling people that they should buy games at full price so they can appreciate them more...

Partly, but he's also saying that he doesn't want his game to be an impulse purchase from someone who never played it. Dude wants his game to be more. He wants people who buy his game to buy it because they really want it, not because fuck it, it's cheap. There's nothing wrong with that.

^^ This is what attracted me to the argument in the first place.

Actually, there are a few core things wrong with that.

First, it wholly negates the notion that there is a segment of the population that would enjoy and admire the game, but would not be made aware of it if not for a sale.

Secondly, it overestimates the power of a high price point in commanding people to spending time on it. Patrick, you should know point as well as anyone else given you work with, someone with the disposable income to spend money on many things at full price that somehow gets lost in some room of box in his house, never to be touched.

Man totally. This guy is so far up his own ego it's hilarious. "Man no one played my indie procedural generated 2d shooter with faux 8bit graphics that has an hour+ long tutorial for some reason! Must be because they bought it on sale because my games are so genius they take weeks to play!"

The reason why a lot of games do well during sales and not well at all at full price is because the public at large feels they are not worth the price they at. Complaining about steam customers because you made a subpar game is pretty childish when there's hundreds and hundreds of indie developers who will talk about how steam sales increase exposure. Just look at Cook, Serve, Delicious. They even released sales charts explaining all of this. It's a well documented fact that games do better and are more popular.

The issue here is not "People aren't valuing the games that they buy" the problem he has but is not admitting is that "People are not valuing MY games" and thus he's trying to fix this problem by self selecting the people who would buy it by raising the price forever. I don't think this works because you are just limiting the number of people who will play your game. I don't know why he's not satisfied with people buying and playing his game when they feel like.

Then again he also made Passage which has the most hilarious internet basement goony perspective on the world ever so I guess it's not surprising.

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Steam: randombattle

Location: Seattle

Experience: Like 3 games!

Favorite Hero: No clue!

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They would also need the game cause it's not going to be on steam.

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They just can't handle someone with good man color.

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