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I had a ton of fun at the last one so hopefully I can snag a ticket again this time.

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Why do you even go to the moon? I forget. All I remember is once you go to Venus you get an actual cutscene with another character, and she sends you on this whole Vex quest. Then you stop the Vex. Then everyone celebrates and she's all "we started a new video game franchise".

It's super weird. Like playing through an episode of a procedural TV show, but as if the fifth episode of the season was episode one. The Black Garden was fun though. Game needed a whooooooooole lot more of stuff like that. Like, every two missions should've had a big set piece like that. At least there are the Strikes for that (and I guess the raids).

The Vex seemed like they could've been interesting though. The whole stuff about being outside of space and time, or was it being backwards in time? Fuck it, I dunno. Tyrion was saying some shit while I was shooting aliens.

That wizard came from there so you are like "YO WHY IS THERE MOON WIZARDS? Oh it's the flood ok let's stop those guys." Then you stop them.

I don't even know why everyone flipped out about the Vex in the story. The cabal seem way more dangerous with their super power armor and space ships or shit even the flood with their demon zombies and wizards. The robots seemed to be the least threatening considering they have time travel. For all the "MY GOD THEY ARE ONE MIND LINKED TOGETHER THEIR BRAINPOWER IS INCREDIBLE!" they sure were dumb robots who walk single file into grenades. It just seemed like people should have been more interested in the fact that they can literally travel through time on a whim. I'm no expert but that seems like something that would sure be useful to maybe go back in time before the Traveler got fucked up and stop that from happening.

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What is the Darkness? This is the biggest question I was left with. There are four bad guy races, I get that, but they seem to be at war with one another as far as I can tell, so are they part of the Darkness? If so then the Darkness shouldn't be that hard to beat, seeing as it's tearing itself apart at the seams.

They seemed to be implying that the Darkness was a literal thing like the Traveler only with darkness instead of light. I mean if you think about it they have all the powers that the players have with shields and elemental abilities. They are like different classes for the Darkness and they all kill each other sometimes like the Guardians do in the Crucible.

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Harassment is a bad thing and people shouldn't have to go through any of it. But rather than acknowledging a lot of the problems within games journalism, people are using harassment to shout down their detractors. It's a tough position to be in when you have to acknowledge the harassment and still have to deal with the rest of the stuff, but I don't feel like anyone is acknowledging the other problems that are in the air.

The simple fact is that people should be just as critical of anyone who's harassing anyone regardless of their opinion on anything. It's not more criminal for someone to tell Zoe Quinn that she should die then telling XXSepheroth420XX that they should die. It shouldn't be accepted for anyone to do stuff like this no matter who they are. No matter how much you agree or disagree with someone else you should never support someone harassing anyone. Two wrongs don't and should never make a right. The excuse that other people are doing it worse doesn't make it ok for other people to do the same thing that started all of this.

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reading about it just kinda leaves all sides involved sounding childish and losing respect. Phil Fish's tweets about cancelling projects cracked me up though, how do you tweet that and then be suprised that people like goading you into some kinda social media nerd-hulk state?

It is childish regardless of your opinion on the subject or not. It seems like everyone just takes the fact that they don't agree with someone else as clear signs to insult them. You have people in the game press insulting people just as bad as the usual youtube common and threatening to ruin people's lives for being rude on the internet. For people who call themselves journalists they sure don't follow the spj code of ethics.

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I want to rsvp!

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You havent lived until you ran with a phantom dust deck and waiting until 30 minutes into a match to reset everything to 0.

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Where's Another Century's Episode R2? You guys said R was just a warm up for the "next gen" hardware and that was 4 years ago....

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@video_game_king: I heard it was a clone with a blend of Ryan and Jeff's DNA. They outsourced him though and he came out all swedish.

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A great rendition of the legendary wizard Brad "I'M NOT A WIZARD" Shoemaker.

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I think 99% of you completely misunderstood what Rohrer was saying here...

Well, he is telling people that they should buy games at full price so they can appreciate them more...

Partly, but he's also saying that he doesn't want his game to be an impulse purchase from someone who never played it. Dude wants his game to be more. He wants people who buy his game to buy it because they really want it, not because fuck it, it's cheap. There's nothing wrong with that.

^^ This is what attracted me to the argument in the first place.

Actually, there are a few core things wrong with that.

First, it wholly negates the notion that there is a segment of the population that would enjoy and admire the game, but would not be made aware of it if not for a sale.

Secondly, it overestimates the power of a high price point in commanding people to spending time on it. Patrick, you should know point as well as anyone else given you work with, someone with the disposable income to spend money on many things at full price that somehow gets lost in some room of box in his house, never to be touched.

Man totally. This guy is so far up his own ego it's hilarious. "Man no one played my indie procedural generated 2d shooter with faux 8bit graphics that has an hour+ long tutorial for some reason! Must be because they bought it on sale because my games are so genius they take weeks to play!"

The reason why a lot of games do well during sales and not well at all at full price is because the public at large feels they are not worth the price they at. Complaining about steam customers because you made a subpar game is pretty childish when there's hundreds and hundreds of indie developers who will talk about how steam sales increase exposure. Just look at Cook, Serve, Delicious. They even released sales charts explaining all of this. It's a well documented fact that games do better and are more popular.

The issue here is not "People aren't valuing the games that they buy" the problem he has but is not admitting is that "People are not valuing MY games" and thus he's trying to fix this problem by self selecting the people who would buy it by raising the price forever. I don't think this works because you are just limiting the number of people who will play your game. I don't know why he's not satisfied with people buying and playing his game when they feel like.

Then again he also made Passage which has the most hilarious internet basement goony perspective on the world ever so I guess it's not surprising.