Happy St. Pats day GB!!

As the thread title says, have a good day everyone. There isn't really a point to St Pats day here in Ireland, other than yet another excuse to get pissed. However I know some places in the world go all out. So whatever you are doing today, be it celebrating Irelands lack of snakes, getting hammered, or nothing at all.. have a good one.

And be glad that you don't live in this fucking country, unless you already do in which case be glad you don't live in Derry.

How everyone looks here(I actually do wish that was true)

TDU2 Picture blog, with some text!!

Hello Giantbomb, It's been a while since i've blogged, because nobody ever reads hem anyway and because I haven't been on here much other than to lurk the forums.
I've been playing a lot of Test Drive Unlimited 2 lately, and have gathered a nice collection of Cars and fun stories to tell my grandchildren one day.
Here I have several Pictures, some positive, some negative. At the end I will go into a small Rant about the one thing that annoys me about this game. Enjoy(to the 2 people who are still reading)

This pic was taken on my first or second day of playing, some guy added me as a friend, probably because of my slutty female avatar. Then he invited half his friends list into my fucking home and they all took pictures of my avatars Breasts and laughed at my empty Garage. Fun times

 This happened a few days later, one of the more fun glitches I've seen. This guy was driving inside the Ceiling of this tunnel, and sometimes through the walls, I took some pics...

  ... then I joined him in there, and took some more pics =D

Now... painting cars is not all that easy, as anyone who has tried it in TDU2 will testify, it took me a good hour to do this, and I was quite proud.. I drove that subaru all the time, while all the kids in their Bugattis were driving at 250mph and smashing into people, I was taking this baby off some sweet jumps and going off-road.

But then this started happening to my precious.. paint changing tone, whites becoming gray, edges blurring, white patches appearing etc. I sadly have garaged my Subaru in the hopes this problem will be patched so I can make repairs, instead of restarting

I've been told the front looks mean, but to be it looks like a dis-coloured mess.

This is my new baby, I made it look like this so the paint blur etc would only add to it. I got these stickers for escaping cops, so it makes sense that it should look like shit, it used to be pea green, but some outlaw stickers have black bits so I changed it so only parts would be visible from a distance
That concludes my blog pretty much, The rant I promised has probably already been said, The paint glitch is pissing me off, but most other things about this game are brilliant. Until they patch the paint issue most of my Cars will be confined to my garages. While I sit in the Casino trying to win money to grow my collection, and of course..  THAT FUCKING  AUDI R8!
That is all, expect another similar blog in the future.

Annual Blog, complete with creepy pic

Err.. awkward blog intro.
Nothing interesting here, just me complaining about my lack of game playing. 
My Xbox contracted the Open Tray disease, after a week of slamming the top of it to play games it stopped working, so I took it apart and done some things.. it kinda works 

I have to open the disc drive every time I wanna play, and it usually freezes after a while... so I plan on buying a temporary replacement until after xmas when more funds are available. 
Until then I only have Arcade games, maybe i'll go back to Battlefield 1943 or finish off Braid and Limbo
 Next Blog will Arrive some time in March, so Have a Merry Xmas, and a decent New Year

Here is the fucking pic I promised



RH takes on Bill Oddie

This is a one off blog, I will not be taking on Bill Oddie again as I have already won.. birds are fucking shite animals.
Anyway.. earlier I was sitting watching friends on TV, Joey was being awesome as usual, and Chandler was crying about how annoying Janice is.
All of a sudden a squirrel ran past the window, resulting in me going "wtf!" and my two dogs almost killing each other to get to the back door.. possibly to eat the squirrel.
 Sqirrels are by no means rare here.. but I have never seen one in my town, the nearest forest is about a mile away.

I have taken some pics of it, right now.. and for the last 3 hours it has been attached upside-down at the top of my neighbors gable wall, I threw some peanuts around the place hoping it would go all Ice Age... but it did not =[
Why it climbed up there I don't know.. but I'm sure it has a foolproof plan to get down and get back to the woods.


RH Blawg Dawg

Hello and welcome to the 3 people who will read this... to my short and boring blog.
This week I bought quite a few things, a few games, food, alcohol and a Dog! 
The Dog has no name so for now it is called "Dog"
It's a Jack Russell with the main purpose of keeping the other one company when it's alone and possible procreation. 
We have a Female one, which is the only small dog I have ever had prolonged contact with, so having a small dog with a cock is taking some getting used to. Especially as picking it up while it's pishing is guaranteed to end in a handful of piss, toilet training is gonna be hard.
Here is a pic of it snoozing, next to my Wii controller for size comparison.

This week I bought Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for a fiver, I remember playing this on PS2 a few Xmas' ago. Pretty good with quite a decent amount of people still playing online, and a neat feature in single player that allows you to switch between squad members at will, the accompanying whooshy animation as the camera zooms to your selected guy is quite cool. 
I also bough a new copy of Bad Company 2, I had it before but I gave it to my brother and bought a new copy with a VIP code for pretty cheap, having more than 4 or so maps for each mode is very refreshing and has got me hooked on it again.

Other Things:

Rented:Alan Wake - Repetitive and not to my liking.
Bought: Silent Hill: Homecoming - Haven't played it much yet, scary, and has nurses with massive tits.
Watching: Code Geass R2: Japan vs Britannia, who will win? Lololol LeLouch and the Japanese of course(I hope)
Goodbye and much love, RH

I am now Over 9000!!

I have finally reached the 9000 unread email mark, haven't checked in a few days but i knew it was coming.
I should probably start deleting some of the shite, all 8500 of the spams

RH Blawgs about shit.

It's been a while since i blogged, so i will be mainly rambling on about random shite.
First, i broke my phone due to me trying to upgrade the firmware(again), this encouraged me to find my iPod.. which i did, and listened to the 5 or 6 Bombcasts that were on there from the early days of Giantbomb, and also all The Lord Of The Rings Audiobooks =D
I now plan to download all Bombcast episodes, any Recommendations? funny episodes etc.
Also, while looking for my iPod, i came across about 150 empty cigarette boxes behind my bed, i haven't been a smoker for long, and have only been smoking this brand for about a year, so i have spent about a grand on the things in a year, i plan to quit asap, and would appreciate any words of encouragement =]
Few more random things: I watched Blow this week, it is absolutely the best film i have seen in a few years, I wish i knew about it 9 years ago.
Been Playing: Battlefield Bad Company 2(almost S rank), Monkey Island 2, Afterburner Climax, and C&C3: Commanders Challenge.
 Love Swee.. RH!!


Last Lost

Short uninteresting blog time  

Watched the final episodes of Lost this morning at 5am. 
Even though i've been watching it since day one and know the show likes to fuck with peoples heads.. i didn't expect the twist at the end. 
I'm very sadface that i will never see a new episode ever again, i guess i can start from season one and watch it all =D 
Also.. why are Ana Lucia and Mr Eko not in the chapel at the end!!!? Two of the best fucking characters they were. 
If anyone reads this and watched Lost, what are your thoughts? People who dont watch Lost... why not??


Cake(CrunchUK) vs Pie(PIE)

Some of you may know i made a tribute to Pie earlier this week via Forza 2.

This blogs purpose is to unveil the traitor that is.. CrunchUK


My Tribute to PIE earlier this week.... awesome i know.

After Crunch got his sticky hands on it.

He even added some green to the pie.. what pie is green??

Made a mockery of Pie.. you should all shun him, Cake sucks.
I fully expect at least 400 comments, even if you don' t like forza 2, cake vs pie is a worldwide problem.
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