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@cornbredx: I edited the main post to add the graphics options. Thanks!

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@matpaget: Yeah, I'm at 1080p. My monitor doesn't go any higher than that so I can't tell if there are any higher resolutions or not. There are no refresh rate or V-Sync options.

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@matpaget: Absolutely no frame rate drops as of yet, but I've only played for about half an hour.

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@neocalypso: Yeah, I don't know. It's weird because the Steam page still says it's got hours until it unlocks.

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The graphics options are very slim: Fullscreen on/off, resolution, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, motion blur, SSAO, and reflections. No options for texture quality. Also, the game is locked to 30 FPS, although there is a console command to remove this (which apparently causes quirks). It runs fine at 30, though.

I have a GTX 780, Core i7 3770k 3.5Ghz, and 16gb of RAM.

Also, the mouse acceleration is real bad. I'm sure there's a way to fix it, but the default setting is unplayable. Use a controller if you have that option.

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Steam just notified me that my game had finished downloading, which I thought was strange because a) I had already preloaded b) the game wasn't to be unlocked for several more hours. Well, I was able to launch it and start playing.

Has anyone else's game unlocked early?

Game seems pretty good so far. Not so much "scary" as it is tense. It also looks real pretty on my PC.

EDIT: I posted this in later posts, but I'll add it here.

Here are the graphical options: Fullscreen on/off, resolution, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, motion blur, SSAO, and reflections. No options for texture quality. No V-Sync options.

Game is locked at 30FPS but can be unlocked with a console command, although it apparently causes graphical quirks.

I am running a GTX 780, i7 3770k 3.5 GHz, and 16GB of RAM. It has run absolutely fine so far with no frame rate drops.

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About $125 for me and four of my friends, including tip. I've never gone anywhere crazy fancy before.

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I'll have to check out Honeymoon.

Minor typo in the first paragraph of Alien: Says "very" instead of "every".

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When I was younger (child/early teenager), I found it nearly impossible to get scared while watching a movie or playing a game. I was brought up to always look at them through the eye of "It's not real, it can't hurt you." It wasn't until I got older that I learned that I could suspend my disbelief a little bit. Now I definitely get startled by certain movies in games. I don't audibly yell, but a jump scare will startle me, and I can tense up when tension is high.

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Although The Rock has sucked ever since his return, I will say that something always stirs in me whenever I hear his music hit out of nowhere. I get goosebumps (which is said literally every time he comes out at this point).

Also, despite the (mediocre) Rock appearance, that was one of the worst Raws I have seen in a long time. Wow.