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Blue Snowball. The Yeti is $30 more expensive and the quality is not $30 more better. The Snowball is nearly as good.

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I played Jak II when it came out and I hated it. I picked up the Jak collection a while ago and recently started it (I had never played Jak and Daxter before). I blazed through Jak and Daxter and started Jak II.

I still hate Jak II. The difficulty is whatever, but navigating the city in the flimsy, floaty vehicles around a bunch of civilians is the worst thing ever. The gun doesn't really feel good, either, and the edginess comes off as cheesy and forced. I really want to finish it, but I'm struggling.

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He only dropped health every so often for me. It was completely random when it happened. It would get screwed a lot of the time because he wouldn't drop health. I got lucky on my one run where he dropped enough health for me to survive.

Either way, the design of the boss is seemingly just to brute force your way through the damage, and that's kind of crappy in my opinion.

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I'm under the impression that either the game isn't doing that well (because no one is talking about it post-release) or no one has gotten to the end yet. I just did.

My percentage of items was 73% and it wasn't green. I also played it on Hard and it also wasn't green, so I don't think it changes anything. My ending was Trace waking up after the lab explosion uninjured and trying to get back to the alien world (of which I already forgotten the name of).

My first theory was also a post- or near-death dream, like you mentioned. I'm not exactly clear on how the cloning or the time travel stuff works, though. It seems like there are two Traces - the one who becomes Athetos and the one who just arrives at the world. I'm not sure who your Trace is. It's possible I just somehow missed some plot points, but it seemed like the player Trace was a clone of Athetos, but then I don't understand how or why the player Trace can infinitely clone himself while Athetos still exists.

It seems like bodies are just vessels, though. The player Trace can send out his brain... red stuff into other bodies (including the drone). Whenever the body dies, it goes back to the last cloning machine to enter that. So I don't think there can be more than one active player Trace at the same time. But then there's the scene halfway through the game right before the hallucination section where you see a Trace running away from you. It's possible it's a hallucination, but I don't think it is, given what ending you got. It's possible that there are some clones that are able to survive on their own, and they are under control of Athetos - the only reason you aren't is because you have the help of the robot ladies - so Athetos commands one of them to go back in time and kill you to prevent you from stopping him.

Obviously we are dealing with multiple dimensions or timelines, otherwise Athetos would cease to exist if he went back in time and killed you, as would the whole toxic gas thing. So I don't know.

Not a bad story all told. I wish I paid more attention, but I had some issues with the game that I found to be distracting.

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I finally did it. I went and upgraded a bunch of stuff, found the flamethrower and just jumped up and hit him repeatedly while taking all the damage. It was close even with all the upgrades. What a crappy boss.

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The Sentinel is pretty easy once you figure out his pattern. I used the laser that shoots through objects and jumped over his bullets from the side. On my way up on the jump, I shot horizontally at his eye and jumped over his homing bullets, and I was able to fire again on the way down. Doing this, I was able to beat him almost without taking a hit.

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Wow does this guy suck. From what I can tell (and I've tried literally over two dozen times), his attacks are unavoidable, leaving the only option being to just take the damage and shoot. I get close to beating him, but I don't have enough health or damage upgrades to push him over the edge, meaning that he is completely unbeatable to me unless I go back and look for more upgrades, which is something I don't want to do.

I'm also on Hard difficulty which is probably a contributing factor, but this is the only game in recent memory that doesn't allow you to drop the difficulty down mid-game, so I'm stuck. It wouldn't be an issue if he had a pattern that could be learned and adapted, but he doesn't. You, or at least I, can't avoid him. I'm so frustrated. It is really ruining the game for me, which is ridiculous because it's the very last fight (I assume), but it's just that awful.

Has anyone else got there? Does anybody have any tips on how to avoid him? I tried to look up a guide on the locations for the health and damage upgrades, but apparently not a lot of people have gotten that far yet. There are no guides to speak of for this game.

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You find some codes by using the hack gun on certain parts of the environment. They pop up in the jarbled characters in the top right of the screen. If you use the codes in that area, you unlock a hidden passage.

I've only found a couple.

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My PSN is Rabdt.

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For someone who is used to the cold, t-shirts in the current NY temperature isn't unheard of, but for someone used to California weather, it would be advisable to wear a light jacket, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, or something along those lines. It's still not exactly warm just yet.