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The general opinion is that the best part of Zelda games are the dungeons. Same could be said for this game. The problem is they just have so many dungeons that it's hard to keep coming up with reasons to go into them. But that's okay, because the dungeons are why I play it. If doing dungeons isn't your thing, you're probably not going to like it.

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One million of one of the most venomous spiders ever? If ONE could kill you, how would you be able to survive a million?

I'd take the raptors so I would at least have a shot. I feel like if I hid well enough or barricaded myself, I could survive. Spiders could sneak in anywhere without you even realizing it, and if one of them bites you, you're pretty much done.

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Like people have been saying, it's about the frequency of the games coming out. It's still way too early for a new Gears, especially after the ending of 3. Same could be said for God of War. People definitely complain about how many Call of Dutys come out. Nintendo really doesn't do that. At least, not until recently, and now that they are, people are starting to get irritated by it.

Nostalgia is probably a factor, too.

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My body will not allow me to go without buying any new Mario platformer that comes out. I've read some reviews, and most people are complaining that it's more of the same. Yeah, that's probably true, but if I look at it as a glorified giant Mario level pack, I'm in. Just the act of playing a Mario game is fun, even if it's the same type of fun, as long as there are enough new, challenging levels, I'll be happy.

On a side note, Jim Sterling of Destructoid counted Peach getting kidnapped again as a negative and criticized other reviewers that ignore it. I think he's crazy. You're not going into a Mario game for the rich narrative. If Peach getting kidnapped gives me enough context to run from left to right, that's enough for me. If all three Mass Effect games started off with the council getting kidnapped, then you might have something.

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Unless my or one of my family member's lives are in danger, I can't see me actually killing somebody. We got that guy, he's injured, he's no longer a threat. I'm not going to kill him. I'm not a murderer. It's cool that the game brought that feeling out of me, though.

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Playing Contra with my Dad when I was 2. I remember him getting super angry at me when I would move the screen up (thus getting him killed) on the third level. My mom would come in and say "He's only 2... Calm down."

My parents are separated. I'm not saying the two are directly related, but...

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"Video Game Knowledge" isn't a requirement to work at GameStop. It probably should be, but it isn't. The people that work there are glorified cashiers, and anyone who does know anything about games have learned to stay clear of GameStop (in terms of working there). GameStop has ruined the idea that working at a game store would be cool. They might as well be a fast food restaurant or a grocery store in terms of employees.

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I think it'll sneak in right before the end of the year. Maybe first week of December. Just a feeling.

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Volgarr the Viking looks awesome.

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Jeff has come out and said that they've dropped the ball on the ads. It was during some live stream I believe, and he said that they weren't very smart businessmen and they didn't have a business department to do it for them.

That said, he did say that being acquired by GameSpot would give them the businessmen they needed, so I'm not sure why there's an ad like that. They've been reasonably up front about this kind of stuff, though, so I say give them the benefit of the doubt.

It's probably GameSpot's call what ads go up on the site, as well. Although I don't know for sure.