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It's relatively infrequent for me (once every 10 minutes or so) but it is a bit jarring. A small patch was just pushed out. Haven't tested it yet.

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No one mentioned Larry Flynt yet? He was great in that.

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$93.5 million.

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In a game that requires me to aim, I will usually choose mouse and keyboard when given the option. It's just so much more precise. In a multiplayer game, I would think it would be a disadvantage if you were using a controller.

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I also really enjoyed that idea. I liked that they would assign a certain checkpoint for everyone to get to and talk about it. I would play those games and follow along. It was fun going back and playing games I haven't in a while or playing games I missed. It's really interesting to talk about those games from a modern perspective and those podcasts were a really good excuse to go back and do it. Maybe the Giant Bomb guys could start something as a premium podcast or maybe the community could start something like a "book club for games" as Dylan pointed out. That would be fun.

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Rabdt is my username.

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I would like a Quick Look of this. I'm kind of intrigued.

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I think it depends. You can't purchase The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us on PC without buying the whole season for $25, so one episode for that amount of money would be a crappy deal, even if the first episodes are great. You could be spending that much money on one good episode and the rest could turn out to be really crappy. So I think it depends on whether or not you can buy an episode individually or are forced to purchase a season pass.

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You don't go into Mario expecting a great story, and you don't go into The Walking Dead expecting amazing gameplay. It depends on the game, and I'm surprised that's not everybody's answer.

EDIT: I think the better question would be "Do you prefer games with a great story or fun gameplay?" That way, people could say "I prefer games like The Walking Dead that have a strong narrative."

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It's funny because it's true!