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Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. In games where I make the decisions, I'd prefer it if my character didn't have a voice. So when I pick my response, I feel like I'm actually responding. If someone else's voice comes out of the character after I've made my response, I no longer feel like it's me making the choice. I don't need an actor to read a line I told them to say in the first place.

But for games that have a more linear story, it can go either way for me. A silent protagonist makes me feel like the world is happening around me, regardless of my input, which can be fun. On the other hand, when a character speaks to me directly and there is no response either by me or the character, it can look awkward.

It's especially weird in games where your character never speaks, but somehow every character in the game hears a response from you. "What's your name? Oh, it's Randy? That's a nice name." How do you know that!? I never said anything! Mind reader!

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Tim Allen.

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One of the guys I got in the tutorial mission was named Tim Allen. Unfortunately, only one guy makes it out of the tutorial mission and it wasn't him.

I would like to believe he would get the nickname "Buzz" or "Toolman."

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There are things that the game throws at you that's unreasonable. I keep my reloads to a minimum, but the game throws a lot of bad luck your way. If I have to reload the game because a stroke of bad luck caused me to lose the game and have to start over, I'll do it. I've put too many hours into the game to start over now. It's never happened to me, but if you can miss 100% shots, that's broken. It's not like we're talking about missing at 99%. There's a slim chance that you could miss at 99%. However, 100% chance to hit means 0% chance to miss, which means you can't miss. It's not really math so much as common sense, and I think the "whiners" have a right to complain if a missed 100% shot causes you to lose the mission. There are times in missions that, if the shot doesn't say 100%, I'll move in closer until it is because I get bad luck a lot. If the game says 100%, I'll take the shot, but if it misses, then it wasn't 100% and I was misinformed. If it told me the correct percentage, I could move my soldiers around until it was.

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The only thing I've run into so far is that, on occasion, the camera will just permanently scroll in one direction until I reload a save. I'm playing on PC.

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Once the panic gets out of hand, do the main story mission (such as the assault on the alien base). Once you do that, it seems that all of the panic gets reset back to 1 or pretty close. It's a tough mission, but it's manageable. Just save often and be patient.

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I don't like the idea of playing as Clementine. Never once did you ever control anyone other than Lee, so I think it would be silly to switch the player's character at the last possible minute. Unless they play it off as Lee training Clem to deal with the world as it is and now the player gets passed onto Clementine. I could see that if they make it so you play as Clementine in Season 2, which I think could be interesting.

Either way, I don't think it's going to be a happy ending. And I mean happy in relative terms. I don't think Lee and Clementine are going to have a heartwarming goodbye. I just can't see it happening with how crappy everything else has been (in terms of trauma and darkness).

I could see Lee, who now knows his days are numbered, sacrificing himself to save Clementine in some way. Maybe he jumps in front of a bullet that would hit Clementine or he uses himself as bait to lead a horde of zombies away so Clementine will be safe. Or maybe you have a choice whether or not to do something like that.

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I killed the kid with the spike remover. I thought it was cool that I still had it.

I "lied" to Vernon. I put "lied" in quotes because I must have misunderstood something. I thought he was just leading me back through the sewers and leaving. With that in mind, it didn't seem to matter whether or not he knew if Clementine was really my daughter.

I took Clementine with me to Crawford. I want her with me at all times and I didn't think Omid was up to the task of watching her with his injury.

I saved Ben. If he wants to die, he can do it on his own. I'm not going to be a murderer (except when I was forced to kill all of those bandits).

I didn't let Vernon take Clementine. I didn't feel like she would be any safer with him than she would with me. He's a total stranger for one, and the world is messed up. No one is ever really safe, so I wasn't willing to give her up.

I showed the group my bite. I'm dead at this point, so there's really no reason to lie about anything anymore. Either they kill me or I die from the infection. I decided to show them and hopefully get rid of any doubts they had about trusting me.

I took everyone, including Kenny, with me to help Clementine. Say what you will about Kenny, he's useful, and if he helps get Clementine back, than I'm willing to tolerate him.

I enjoyed this chapter, but I thought 2 and 3 were better. The action scenes always irritate me and there were more than usual. I also thought that for me, personally, the choices were far easier than in past chapters, with the exception of whether or not to bring Clementine to Crawford.

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@Animasta: You're right that Vinny doesn't run quick looks very often anymore, but I don't see how that's relevant. I was just mentioning something he does well. And yes, watching Brad die and replay a section sucks, and that's a valid criticism for when Brad runs a quick look. I just don't see the need of freaking out on someone bringing up a suggestion. Although I'd much rather watch Brad replay a section than watch them sit in a menu for 10-15 minutes while they explain the game before they play it. Especially since the vast majority of people who are watching quick looks don't care about the systems in place, they just want to see how it looks in action when playing it for real. They can figure out the mechanics on their own.

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I don't see why people are getting so upset. It's a valid criticism. He wasn't saying anything about him personally. If it's boring for him to watch in this case, then they've done their job poorly and have lost a viewer (and potentially more) because of it.

I've noticed it, too. Not just with Patrick, but Jeff likes to start off a quick look in the main menu to explain the systems and THEN jump in the game. Which, for me, ruins the point of even having another person there. I think Brad and Vinny do it really well. I've noticed that they play the game and explain systems as they stumble upon them rather than get them out up front. If they miss anything, the person with them usually asks them a question about it (Vinny's good at asking questions during quick looks, too).

So I agree with the original post. Play the game until there's something that needs an explanation and then explain it. No need to try to explain all of the systems up front or all at once. There's also no reason to get upset over someone voicing a valid criticism (politely, I might add).