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I love forms because I am a form! I don't sit nude though, I keep it form-al. Alright, lets do this...

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Personally I rank the progression of videogame technology by the fidelity of snow. I actually made a little feature on the progression of snow in games here.

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Easily Hydrophobia: Prophecy on PS3. Sony emailed me a code to download the game for just over a quid so I thought I'd give it a shot but all the story stuff falls really flat. No one in that game feels like they're talking to each other, instead standing in recording booths in different weeks. Also it has a reeaallyy slow beginning where you go through some very unchallenging 'meh' platforming and then when you finally get a gun, the combat is completely underwhelming. It has a unique premise and I lowered my expectations so I was really willing to give it a chance but I don't think it deserves anyone's time. BORING 2.0.

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I started with Final Fantasy X and I really didn't get on with it. The story and characters didn't grab me at all and the Bliztball stuff just pushed me away further. I dabbled with Dragon Quest VIII and thoroughly enjoyed Nier but I loved FF XIII which hooked me with the very pretty visuals at first and then the combat and then I actually started caring for the story. I eventually completed it at 50 hours and was eagerly anticipating FFXIII-2 but found it to be a huge let down where it largely removed the precursor's driving story. Now I'm playing through FFVIII and although the combat seems rather limited, I'm finding it all very charming. So JRPGs for me are a bit of rollercoaster, where my arms and legs are kept in at all times. I don't know what that last sentence means.