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Hmmm, touchy topic here it seems, well even though no one asked I'll give in my two cents since everyone else is.
I feel that the DMC franchise could use a fresh coat of paint and some screws tightened, it's been around long enough that it's starting to feel clunky and some story-line questions and thoughts come up (How the fuck do they rebuild the city in DMC3? Why'd they install a mother effin' self-destruct button in their main-headquarters in DMC4?). Also they need to work on the controls a bit, love or hate Nero he did have the most useful ability ever, also don't make one of the coolest moves be binded to the back-button/select (Seriously, who does that?). 
Now as to the trailer, I like the monster designs, those are sweet. I like the city design (steamy-future-y). As for the new Dante, I'm not sure, they haven't given too much to go on yet. Though I worry. Hopefully he won't be a "Wha-wha my mom is dead and my brother hates me and my pants don't match my jacket." *cuts self* I've had enough of that type of person in media forms already. Now if it's just a look change and personality itself (bit of a smart-ass) stays the same, I could see it working. What it comes down to is when I'm able to get my hands on the game.

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Well, it's different and thats what this world needs, different stuff. So hurray for originality!

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Whooo! Pointless pre-order specials! Where do I sign?

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@AlwaysAngry:  Hey now, comparing Atheists to Scientologists is MUCH different than comparing Jehovah's Witnesses to traditional Christians. It's like comparing cement to glue, mansions to motor-homes, similes to metaphors! It's like expecting a sausage maker to suck off a pig, sure you can see a connection there, but it just isn't going to work...and someone is going to end up with a bad taste in their mouth.
Jehovah's Witnesses aren't that much different than any other christian group. Sure theirs differences between them, but the similarities much outweigh the differences.
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  Does this look like something that's happy with steamed carrots? Nuh-uh. No sir.
I personally think the topic should have stopped here.
However, in the interest of putting my two cents in here's my thoughts:
1: This is a topic about whether or not you think that Tyrannosaurus Rex was an herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. This topic was NOT too spout off pro-religious or anti-religious propaganda.
2: Staying on topic, I think, based on all scientific evidence to date, that our "King of the Lizards" was a meat-eater, and can you blame him? Meat is the category that bacon is placed in, and we all know bacon is the GREATEST FOOD IN THE UNIVERSE.
3: Going off topic, Cake's song "Symphony in C" is one of my favorite songs.
4: My opinion that's off topic with everyone else is this: I'm an atheist (Oh gnoes I have no soul!) and I have a lot against organized religion and cults and sects and so on and so forth. I have a problem with anyone that attempts to shove their beliefs and philosophies down my throat and into my head. However, I have nothing against people that believe those things and keep it to themselves. I take the scientific approach to things, I want proof and I will base my thoughts and theories on proof. At the moment, there is just as much proof that there is an invisible man deeply concerned with the status of my foreskin as there is proof of an Invisible pink unicorn or The Flying Spaghetti Monster(rAmen brother). You show me incontestable, repeatable experiments and proofs and data showing that your deity of choice exists and I will add him to my list of real deities (For those counting along at home, that list sits empty on my fridge)
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I really want to like this game since the first Deus Ex is what really got me into gaming today. I enjoyed the story and the different locals and the 15 different ways to go about each mission(Yes, exaggeration on the internet, oh gnoes). Heck, I may lose some friends here but, I even enjoyed Deus Ex: Invisible War. 
However, from what I've seen of this game it's a remake of Snowblind(After all it was supposedly a 'prequel' to the Deus Ex games) and while Snowblind wasn't a bad game it wasn't a good game either, it was just kind of mediocre. So, here's hoping that they realize what made the first game good (Upgradeable stats,dialogue affects game play, and bio-mod customization) and implement it into the third one.

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I agree with cap123, there are a ridiculous amount of cases in the back of your local EB/gamestop store and I'm sure they'll be willing to part with a few of them. Though I do warn you they're cheap and not as nice as the ones you lost but they're functional.

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@Catolf said:
" Dante, Finally! Defiantly going to pick this up "