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@liquidprince: Don't pretend like slow installations are an X1 problem, they happen on the PS4 as well - while not an owner, I have co-workers that have it and they complain of it every time a new game comes out.

And your first sentence? Basically just reaffirms Charlie_victor_bravo's point. People got upset, so things changed, then people get upset they changed and refuse to see anything positive in pretty much everything. It's a shame.

PS4 install times to get into the game and start playing are much faster. Here's a comparison article : http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/11/installing-xbox-one-games-takes-way-too-long/

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Seems like a lot of people bought their PR about sales in June being good because they doubled May's numbers...but the sales in May were terrible. And we just got the npd numbers a few days ago; June's sales weren't very impressive and they still sold less than ps4 in a month where MS had a price drop, and sony didn't have to do anything. They're probably pretty worried right about now as I'm not sure what else they can do in the near future.

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Only food I can think of that I don't like is ham.

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Wow, weird that this has so many problems. I was already going to skip this year when I heard it wasn't coming to ps4 but it sounds like they can't even even get it working on pc right..

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To see people try and burn it down because they see it as exclusionary is a real shame.

I really appreciate you chiming in and agree with 99% of what you're saying, but I don't think the above describes most the criticism I've seen. I can't speak for everyone, but any issues I've raised comes from wanting the site to grow and get even better. I know it can't be easy for you guys to be on the receiving end of it, but I hope you're able to take the constructive stuff to heart.

What kind of stuff are you most concerned about, maybe I can be more specific?

I'm mostly concerned about the general lack of diversity amongst the staff and the guest roster at large. In particular, I think only having dudes writing pieces and appearing on camera is ultimately limiting, and doesn't reflect how broad and inclusive games are in 2014. I should point out that I'm not suggesting that anybody at GB — new or old — is undeserving of their position or that there was a conscious decision to only have dudes on staff. I also recognise that, intentional or not, there's been a lot of fresh, interesting and diverse voices on the site lately, which is terrific to see and makes me really optimistic for the future.

I'm not saying it's an invalid opinion or anything, but it seems a little weird to me to become a fan of a small, personality driven site and then what you want for them to do is get different people than they have. I like to hear what these guys have to say about the newest games and stuff and that's why I've stayed on this site.

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@sweep: ah, thanks for that. Hadn't gone back to that thread after it was locked.

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I think this community is actually super great and nice.

there's a bombcast comments page that i would bring up as counterevidence to this idea!

If that bombcast comments section is your evidence, then this is a pretty great community.

What about all the deleted stuff, though? That's still part of the community.

The stuff I described in the rest of my post you didn't quote was the stuff that was deleted. It was a bunch of people saying they were going to skip the bombcast if social/politcal stuff was a big focus...

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I think this community is actually super great and nice.

there's a bombcast comments page that i would bring up as counterevidence to this idea!

If that bombcast comments section is your evidence, then this is a pretty great community.

I read all of those comments and the whole thing was basically one poster saying they they had just heard the word "cisgender" used on the bombcast unironically and then probably 10-20 other posters (including myself) reacting to that and saying they were going to skip listening to this bombcast if political/social stuff were a big focus.(which, after listening to it, it wasn't that big of a focus and I regret my comment) I didn't see any personal attacks at all on the woman that was on the bombcast. Just people saying either they don't like guests on the bombcast, or that they don't want to hear about political/social issues on it.

I've seen a bunch of people saying, "wow if they locked the comments it must have been terrible!" eh, not really. They just seem to be kind of cautious now about allowing some of these discussions in other areas of the comments.

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@rangers517: That's kind of reassuring but then again it's the devs saying it so I'll wait and see. More interesting (or perplexing) is the idea that people asked to have an option to play the remaster with half the framerate that all games should run at.

Yeah, I'm with you on that. I have definitely seen a lot of people saying 60 fps will make it look weird in cinematics and stuff. I don't agree with that at all , but I guess giving an option can't hurt and hopefully they're right about it not dipping from 60

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