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@corevi: The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360

By the end of this generation there's every chance the Xbox one will outsell the PS4.

No knock-out blows have been landed by anybody yet.

There's absolutely no chance that the xbox one will outsell the ps4 worldwide. The reason the ps3 was able to recover and end up selling more is because PlayStation is a bigger brand worldwide. MS only sells well in the US and UK and right now they're even behind in those regions. The PS4 is so far ahead already that even if MS catches up in those 2 regions it won't make much difference.

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"Tell me about the Traveler."

"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain, Guardian."

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Huh? None of those are even approaching the twitch chat. You would've been banned if you actually wrote some of the stuff that was said in that chat...

You really think everyone's gonna be completely positive about a live award show? All of these things turn into a bunch of people trying to be the most snarky while making fun of everything.

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Why is everyone talking about Cara Elison, where did that come from?

She's a super good, super funny games writer who has made numerous appearances on the site, gets on very well with the crew (especially Alex and Vinny), has applied here previously, can speak at least some Japanese and is knowledgeable about a lot of aspects of games and gaming culture. She's an obvious candidate.

meh, I hope not. She was really annoying in that stream they did. Talking a mile a minute about a bunch of weird sex stuff while everyone else sat there in awkward silence.

I remember it very differently. I thought she did great. And I don't remember anyone being uncomfortable when she was talking about sex. There's nothing wrong with talking about sex. Her articles that she writes (cant remember exact name of the series now) about sex in games are really interesting and can be very funny. I think she would gel great with the guys.

Well, this explains a lot. Seemed really odd how much weird underage stuff she was talking about that they had to keep warning the chat not to talk about on the site. Anyway, that's not the important part. I just thought she talked constantly and was annoying.

Whoever they choose it's gonna be a nightmare for them. They should put an embargo on this and let all the tumblr people have their angry blogs at the ready for the date they announce it.

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Honestly the way chat reacts when Mary Kish appears, or the super creepy following of Sarah Lima, and with how much shit they got after the Dan/Jason hiring and then the GG response... I don't know. Cara was asked on her tumblr a while back if she would apply again and said maybe though so who knows

That's just the internet. I take it you haven't read the comments on Gamespot when she's in a video. I usually don't go there but the one time I did a couple months ago I was amazed that the top rated comment was about wanting to do certain kinds of things with her.

Anyway, most important thing is to get the best person for the job. I don't really understand the news focus though. That's probably the last thing people come here for.

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I had a few crashes. Few times where characters would just freeze and not say their dialogue and I had to jam on the skip button to get past it.

The most annoying bug is that 2 or 3 trophies wouldn't unlock. The one for recruiting 10 agents to the inquisition didn't pop, and also after spending a bunch of time today running around killing the rest of the high dragons, I didn't get the trophy for it. I looked this bug up and a bunch of people on all platforms are having this issue.

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No. I was playing regularly and had 3 characters at 28+, but when I saw how little content is in the dlc I traded the game in. I enjoyed my time with it but it's crazy that this expensive dlc is a few more missions/maps when the main game had so little content to begin with.

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The website GamingBolt is trying hard to convince people that the performance issues don't exist on PS4. But I've seen enough video footage from the PS4 to know that that's absolute bullshit.

Seems inconsistent because for me it has been steady, before and after the day 1 patch. It's been pretty fine for me, clearly not 60 at all but always playable. Also if these people have a PS4 they can make a video pretty easily.

It's been pretty much fine for me on ps4 too. It's definitely not always 30 but so far at least it hasn't been terrible. The pop in is crazy though and with the weird way the npc's move around sometimes I can tell there's gonna will be a lot of weird ai bugs.

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Crazy. I just picked up the game on my way home and then saw all this stuff. Good thing I haven't opened it yet. If everyone says it's really broken I can just return it.

I wonder if any of this has to do with it being the first year marketing switched to Xbox. Having the weakest platform be the lead one probably made them have to spend a ton of time on that one, and it sounds like they still couldn't get it running smoothly, and now both versions are terrible. Obviously just speculation.