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Redline, period.

After that, go with GitS, though I'd skip the movie due to the pacing and nudity. I recommend Second Gig actually. I feel Stand Alone Complex wouldn't fit him, not enough action. 2nd Gig however would be perfect, and you can dive in without seeing the prior stuff and be ok.

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I'm having trouble coming to grips with this. I want to believe it's a joke, but it would be one done in poor, poor taste if so. RIP Ryan. Giantbomb has filled my life with so much entertainment that I could never repay, and at the core of that was Ryan. My condolences to all of his family and close friends and the Giantbomb community.

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@shinryu said:

Wow 150k for 1 character thats ridiculous

To anyone who says this was a dumb thing to say, this could also be interpreted as "I didn't realize that it cost $150k for 1 character, now I do. That was eye opening."

The word ridiculous doesn't directly mean, "that's a lie" or "ripoff."


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Get better Patrick!

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My top 5 Let's Plays:

1) Persona 4: Endurance Run


Vinny and Jeff make a great combination for just about anything, but their work here is unparalleled. Simply put, this playthrough is hilarious from start to finish. It delivers a lot of memorable moments, and the game itself is my all time favorite game.

2) The Spoony One's Phantasmagoria 2 LP


Another LP that's just plain funny. Spoony does a wonderful job of keeping the jokes coming, and they never fall flat. Spoony has a great natural charisma and sense for comedy. Highly recommended. "I heard that Curtis!"

3) Random PC Game: Phantasmagoria


Vinny and Dave are another excellent duo, almost made for one another. This LP is a just a lot of fun and was completely unexpected. It's an Endurance Run without being one.

4) CannibalK9's Let's Play the Void


Perhaps the most captivating LP out there. CannibalK9 does an amazing job of providing deep insight into a game that's largely open to interpretation. The game itself is very unique, dark and artsy, and it's got a wonderful atmosphere. CannibalK9's voice is just so soothing that you feel compelled to stay in this fascinating world forever. It won't make you laugh, but I consider this a must see.

5) Geop and Company's Let's Play Dark Souls (on-going)


Geop is another LPer with a great voice. This is a blind playthrough of a very hard, but highly atmospheric game. Despite the hardness, Geop does quite well for his first foray. Geop is aided by a few other people whom have actual experience with the game. These people include the well-voiced Vicas, who provides a lot of nice insight into the hidden lore of Dark Souls, Kuvo, who does a good job of both helping Geop and misleading him to deliver the true Dark Souls experience, and a few others. It's not over yet, but it's plenty long already and it's still on-going. There's good comedy here, good insight, and a nice chemistry between the guys.

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And yet here we are still talking about the game and this campaign won't negatively affect sales. Got to wonder if it was a Rockstar kind of risk, and they knew the backlash would be coming.

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Well, I read that save scumming article about XCOM. Honestly, if a player is inclined enough to save and reload after every single shot then why do people feel the need to stop them?! Only a small percentage of people will do that, and it hurts no one else. For example, I wouldn't do it because it's tedious and I don't like to cheat. Why should I care if someone else does though (in single player anyway)?

I feel like the way the system works now makes it feel like the hit/miss numbers aren't right. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I feel like I'm paying for this save scumming deterrence, and I'm one of the ones who wouldn't do it. Even if not, people get too anal about video games. Let others have their fun.

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TLJ remains one of the best adventure games every created. Dreamfall has its shortcomings, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I'm stoked by this announcement, but with so much time between the last iteration, it could prove drastically different from expectations.

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I've seen every single Quick Look this site has ever posted, and this is the 1st that I've personally felt the need to complain about. Jeff spreads a lot of misinformation in this QL and completely went in with a bad attitude to begin with. Just because he is burnt out on MMOs does not mean everyone is. For many people, WoW was their first MMO. For some, GW2 will be their first. The game is a highly polished, non-subscription based, fully featured MMO with several key innovations. It doesn't totally reinvent the wheel, but it deserves some praise for what it is. Jeff's demeanor was that of total boredom with the game, and that can taint the opinions of potential buyers. He expected "just another MMO" and that's what he got. In all honesty, I thought Jeff would love the crazy mayhem of the makeshift grouping in large scale dynamic events. I still think he would enjoy this game had he not have given up on it before even playing it. At least he could respect it.

Like it or not though, it's the misinformation that bothers me. While his lack of skill is forgivable, his lack of knowledge is not. He should have done a little more research/playing before going in. Level 7 is about 2 hours in. For an MMO that's not a good enough amount of time invested to cover the game. For instance, there is another PVP system entirely that closely mimics GW1's system. He made no mention of this system and went as far as to sat that WvW was the entirety of PVP in GW2. PVP is a big pillar in the GW formula. His knowledge of the weapon system was poor. Most importantly however, he didn't even mention that dance he was doing was the Carlton. I am truly disappoint.

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Glad to have you back Patrick.