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I'm pretty pumped that this finally went on sale. The first good Daily Deal on steam that I didn't already own.

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I'm not exactly sure but here are probably the top 3.

My favorite movie of all time. I've been watching it for years.

My friend and I just discovered this movie this year. It's one of the finest "bad" horror movies I've ever seen.m There have been multiple weekends where we have watched is every night.

Yea I'm a glutton for punishment and bad horror movies.
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Mortal Kombat. Without question. I bought the game not knowing the PSN was down so you can imagine my surprise/disappointment when I figured out about this debacle.

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@Sargus said:
" I went through the whole game with nothing but the Plasma Cutter and Line Gun. I'll pick up the others on my second playthrough purely for achievements. "
This is sort of where I am. I went through all of Dead Space 1 with just the Plasma Cutter. But I figured that I should screw around with another gun in the sequel. 
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@blueduck said:
" @EndSarcasm said:
" @02sfraser said:
" It just said Star Wars. Although has had the planned it was never meant to be a trilogy unless the first was successful. At the end the good guys win essentially. This is now all ancient history and we have one of the biggest sci-fi franchises ever. "
Lucas always had V and VI plotted out and part of the story from its inception. He just wasn't sure if he'd have the money to make them if IV flopped.  "
Yeah he had the prequels planned out too! HAHAHAHAHAA  "
Sure he did! All those nice plot holes close themselves right up if you just squint hard enough.
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It's not necessary, and they didn't ask us if we want it installed or not? Oof. Too bad more people won't notice it's presence.

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@MangyForestCat: Just because you disagree with their opinion doesn't make it invalid.
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  • Beyond Good and Evil 
  • Ico
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Psychonauts
  • Red Dead Redemption (Own it; going to play it.)
  • Uncharted 2 (Own it; going to play it.)
  • Any Baldur's Gate
  • Any Metal Gear
There are probably more. 
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Singularity, League of Legends, Pac-Man CE DX, Battlefield Bad Company 2

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It is absolutely worth it. I just finished it and I was really impressed with it.