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#1 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

Now... All I want to know is, price in £? :D

#2 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

skittlesman is my old GS username. Just logged in for the first time in years on it too... Damn! Didn't realize I'm level 43 on the site o_O

#3 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

If no one wants their PC beta key, I'll be happy to take it off their hands ;D.

#4 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

I'm just getting used to using a Mouse and Keyboard again after about 5 years of not PC gaming and be a console player. I am getting better though, which is an upside :P

#5 Edited by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

One question about pre-ordering on Steam, does it charge you straight away? Or does it wait for the game to come out?

EDIT: Okay, that was 2 questions :P.

#6 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

I'm sort of on the fence whether to get it for PC or my 360. I'll probably wait till the System Requirements are released.

#7 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

That map is looking SICK! I wonder if they'll open the Caspian Border servers up for everyone tomorrow seeing as people are getting into them when they're not supposed too.

#8 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

What e-mail address is it supposed to go to? The one that is linked with your EA account?

#9 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

:( That makes me sad. I won't be getting Infinity for ages! It really sucks living out in the sticks.

#10 Posted by RapidAmp (23 posts) -

This is great news!  
I was thinking about pre-ordering the PC version over Steam but now this has been announced I'll be getting the PS3 version! :D

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