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I think the game is pretty great. Now... I'm biased because I backed it, but I still think I would feel the same if I hadn't have put up money for it early on.

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A large portion of this comment thread here is clearly demonstrating why he wants out.

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Not knowing anything about it, I am curious to see what some people with an eye for genre might have to say with a setting like Silent Hill.

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I have had this game since launch and I've had a very difficult time playing this game. I've found it so hard to find a desire to play through the story as I dislike nearly all of the characters in it almost universally, but the main character is the focal point. I remember enjoying games with, basically, what constitutes a re-skinning of these same archetypes, but as time continues I'm having a more difficult time finding the desire to engage with characters like this. I still haven't played through GTA 5 either because I find nearly everyone in it detestable, so I don't want to sound like I'm limiting this criticism to this game alone.

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I really dislike lawyers sometimes. First it was Notch and Scrolls, now it's this. I mean... cripes.

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This was something that I saw someone else post about on another board elsewhere, but it didn't have any responses yet. I was wondering if anyone else around here might have tried this little thing out and noticed any discernible difference for doing it.

If you press the attack button and then hold it for a few seconds after you finish your sword swipe, your character will sheathe the sword in the holster. I haven't been able to tell if this provides any advantages as of yet. Does anyone else out there know if this has a functional purpose in the game, or is it just neat flavour animation?

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Wow. As with anything in this universe, nothing of what I am going say applies to everyone (in this case, more specifically, this thread). I know the title might have been misleading, but this thread really had nothing to do with shaming anyone, or taking a shot at people being "politically correct" (a stupid, nonsensical term that is increasingly used in certain circles as a means of invalidating someone who might dare to show a little bit of openness or cultural sensitivity).

While the original post oils be viewed as being aggressive, it really isn't. This person was not trying to shame anyone. This person is trying to share with you the viewpoint of someone that is transgender. Believe me, they know a hell of a lot more about being transgender than you likely do (I'm making assumptions, but I am fairly certain a majority of responses, myself included, are coming from people who are not transgender).

Instead of becoming defensive, and trying to point out why this transgender person doesn't understand what is or isn't offensive to transgender people, why not just listen. Let the comments inform you, ask positive questions about why, and try to understand yourself. That is after all what a dialogue is.

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Heck yes! Let's try something *different* for a change.

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I'm very curious about this. If the in-home streaming works like I think it might, that means I won't have to worry about the power of the living room machine. This is pretty exciting... especially if they're able to beat the latency and image quality of other services like it.